Grub Battle Royal West Region Results

Wow! We’ve never had a landslide victory quite like In-N-Out (which recently won Maxim Magazine’s 2009 Best Burger Award!), with a whopping 75% of all votes. That by far is the widest margin of victory.

As I live in the West, there were a couple disappointments for me. I was really hoping It’s-It would pull through (it did well) and especially against a non-regional chain like DQ (with 5,700 restaurants in 22 countries and was started in Illinois). Clearly not a Western joint but oh well.

Another strange win was Famous Dave’s BBQ which was started by Dave Anderson, an Ojibwe Indian (who served as the head of the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs from 2004 to 2005) just outside of Hayward, Wisconsin…..and their headquarters are in Minnesota…plus they have a joint in pretty much every state….but guess that’s how the cookie crumbles…..or the rib falls?

I am very happy to see Togo’s take it home, that place is amazing! My favorite thing isn’t even on the menu any more, a #21 (avocado & cheese) on their beautiful bread roll….mmmmmm. Your winners are listed below. Tomorrow we will open up the final regional round with the Northeast voting.

Burger Joint: In-N-Out
Pizza Parlor: Round Table
Mexican Food: Chipotle
Dessert/Candy: Dairy Queen
Grocery Store: Trader Joe’s
Soda/Drink: Jones Soda
Chip/Snack: Kettle Brand
Sub/Sandwich Shop: Togo’s
Wildcard: Famous Dave’s BBQ

Too bad 🙁

Its-It (via SheriWs Flickr)

It's-It (via SheriW's Flickr)

2 comments on “Grub Battle Royal West Region Results

  1. HaloEleven says:

    Yeah, I was guilty of voting for Dave’s Famous. I had no idea they were so nationwide!

    Wish we had In-N-Out in Colorado, but I still get out to California enough to get my fix. If you don’t order your burger “Animal Style”, it’s just a burger…

  2. Felicia says:

    I love It’s-It. I have the mint chocolate chip in my freezer righ now.

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