Grub Battle Royal South Region Winners

Drum roll please…….and here are your winners for the South region. Almost all were a landslide except the Mexican food category (Iguana Grill won by 3 votes). I’m surprised to see Coca-Cola as the winner as well as Kettle Chips as they started in Oregon and are now owned by the British equity firm Lion Capital LLP….but to each their own I guess, that’s what ya’ll voted on.

Tomorrow we will begin voting on the Central region. Maybe you can take some hints from this round and really explain in the comments why you think your choice should be the winner.

Burger Joint: Five Guys
Pizza Parlor: Mellow Mushroom
Mexican Food: Iguana Grill
Dessert/Candy: Blue Bell Ice Cream
Grocery Store: Publix
Soda/Drink: Coca-Cola
Chip/Snack: Kettle Chips
Sub/Sandwich Shop: Firehouse Subs
Wildcard: Chick-fil-A

Speaking of Chick-fil-A…for all those who may have missed it, Ryan dressed up as a cow on “Cow Appreciation Day” last Friday and got himself some free chicken nuggets!


Utterly Hilarious

7 comments on “Grub Battle Royal South Region Winners

  1. Bryan says:

    Coke is from Atlanta. No surprise there…

  2. SkippyMom says:

    Don’t you mean “UDDerly Hilarious”? giggle….I am loving it and so sorry I missed it because my family would have been there with [cow] bells on!

  3. Josh says:

    Shame Vortex didn’t win…they are a winner in my book
    Any burger place that can serve that and have not yet been sued…

  4. @Bryan – Agreed, that’s why it was left in the running in the first place.

    @SkippyMom – Yes….I meant that 🙂

    @Josh – Damn! Go get ’em boy…I’d love to try that.

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m really happy about Mellow Mushroom. I went to college at Appalachain State University in Boone, NC, and there was a Mellow Mushroom right beside of campus. I had a really great British Lit. professor who frequently held class there, and he treated us all to pizza (and didn’t mind if you drank a beer). Their pizza is amazing, and so are their pretzel appetizers! I was also on a local game show in Boone called Scrambled Squares, and I won gift certificates to local restaurants, including a fifty dollar certificate to Mellow Mushroom! Those were the best two meals of my life! I was recently pleased to find a Mellow Mushroom in a town about thirty miles away from me – Winston Salem, NC.

  6. JOHNHOY says:

    Firehouse subs for best subs/sandwiches? I always go there leaving unsatisfied and an upset stomach. Jason’s Deli FTW!!

  7. I love this list: Five Guys, Mellow Mushroom, Publics, Coca-Cola and Chick-fil-A are AWESOME. Also if Publics and Chick-fil-A don’t have the best customer services of any companies you considered, I would be shocked.

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