Grub Battle Royal Northeast Region Results

Wowwahhwweeewah, this was by far the closest and most contested region. Also the highest votes overall!

Whats in the bag Pres.? (via The Herald Dispatch)

What's in the bag Pres.? (via The Herald Dispatch)

Ahhhhh now I see why he went here (via Thats So Yummy)

Ahhhhh now I see why he went here (via That's So Yummy)

Burger Joint: Five Guys
Pizza Parlor: Ledo’s
Mexican Food: Chipotle
Dessert/Candy: Turkey Hill Ice Cream
Grocery Store: Wegman’s
Soda/Drink: Dr. Brown’s
Chip/Snack: Utz
Sub/Sandwich Shop: Wawa
Wildcard: Roy Roger’sĀ Gold Rush Chicken Sandwich

An interesting side, I did not know this…but seems Pepsi Co. now owns Dr. Brown’s. One of the reasons it is popular in New York and Florida is because it is kosher. It was in fact developed by a doctor (as were a lot of sodas/elixirs) to treat sick children in the late 1800’s. The original flavor (or the “medicine”) was Cel-Rey.

With this we’ll now pit the winners from each region against one another to determine the best national representative from each category. Voting will open tomorrow and close Sunday August 9th at 11:59 pm EST. I’m very excite (Borat anyone?) about this and interested to see who wins. You can look back on who won the other regions (South, Central & West).

2 comments on “Grub Battle Royal Northeast Region Results

  1. Josh says:

    I am shamed that Ledo’s won…what ever happened to the good Mom and Pop pizza places…seriously the NE winner in Pizza was Ledo’s? has anyone ever been to NYC? FOR SHAME…FOR SHAME

  2. Jon says:

    @Josh. I’m hoping it won just because more people are familiar with it. It’s not a bad option if there aren’t any good pizza places in the area. The only other pizza place I’ve been to on that list is Il Forno, which is way better.

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