Observations: Wendy’s Super Value Menu

If you take a peak at the Wendy’s website you’ll see that some emphasis is being put on advertising some pretty decent deals.  I’ve been critical (see my Double Stack review) about the lack of price consistency that Wendy’s has had a reputation for.  I’m eager to put this “4 all-time favorites now just 99¢” -thing to the test.  So for 99¢ I have my choice of a Baked Potato, Chili, Frosty or Double Stack…and if you ask me, all 4 for $3.96 seems like a good idea for lunch today.  I just hope my local Wendy’s actually follows through.  I’ve just had mixed results from restaurant to restaurant.  I guess it wouldn’t be that big of a deal except for the fact that Wendy’s at one point had an awesome value menu, but in recent economic times prices have gone up and the food has shrunk.  I know this is the case with a lot of restaurants but the change hasn’t been subtle at Wendy’s.

So in your opinion, which restaurant reigns supreme for their value menu?

Wendy's Value Menu

22 comments on “Observations: Wendy’s Super Value Menu

  1. Marvo says:

    I think the McDonald’s Dollar Menu is the best because there are a lot of options and there won’t be any price variations from restaurant to restaurant. If it’s on the Dollar Menu, it will be a dollar.

  2. Alex says:

    Taco Bell, hands down.

  3. Yum Yucky says:

    I say Wendy’s, hands down. It’s not just tasty, decent quality and healthiest.

  4. Jessica J. says:

    Wendy’s used to have the best value menu around, but the prices increased too much and they removed some of my favorite value meal items. The same thing happened to McDonald’s
    Now, I love Cookout’s value menu: chicken nuggets, corn dogs, BLTs, hot dogs, hushpuppies, YUM

  5. brad says:

    kaitis and I were going to do a feature comparing all the (main) fast food places’ value menus, would anybody be interested in contributing? if so, brad8989@gmail.com

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ll throw my hat in the conversation and say I think Taco Bell reigns supreme with their 79, 89 and 99cent Why Pay More? menu…Getting a couple Chicken Burrito’s for 89c each and having the Fresco-style option helps fight off the guilt of price and calories. I wish more fast food places would put healthier alternatives on the value menus. The biggest problem I see with Taco Bell’s value menu is that it makes it too easy to complain about the prices of their regular menu items….because a lot of times there isn’t a huge size difference.

  7. rob says:

    McDonalds. They give you the most calories per dollar.

  8. brad says:

    “a lot of times there isn’t a huge size difference”

    great point

  9. maxchain says:

    Burger King gets my vote, mostly for consistency. I think I’ve only encountered one Wendy’s where the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and Sour Cream & Chive(s?) Potato were actually 99 cents apiece, outside of when they had the former on sale not too long ago.

  10. ChrisSh says:

    I think Taco Bell has the best value menu, but Wendy’s is close in my opinion. Especially since prices are always 99 cents in Minneapolis.

  11. drpep says:

    I’ve become fed up with Wendy’s so called value menu. NO Double Stacks listed on the menu and if you ask they cost $1.39. The .99 fries used to be the small now they are something called value size. Same with the drink.
    I vote for McDonalds. The dollar fries are still the standard small fry the small drink is $1 and you can’t beat the McDouble for a buck. It’s a good quick filling lunch, unlike Wendy’s .99 menu which leaves me hungry and thirsty.
    I still prefer Wendy’s over McDonalds if I decide to splurge on regular menu items.

  12. Evan says:


    You can get a large drink for $1. It’s only limited time though.

  13. Zach says:

    Taco bell.
    if that counts.

    If not, McDonalds.
    You can get a couple of McDouble’s and a Large Sweet Tea for 3.21.

    Large drinks around here aren’t a dollar anymore

  14. Donkey says:

    Careful when ordering the 99 cent chili at Wendy’s… they try and upsell you cheese and onions… for 35 cents!!!

    That’s 36% price inflation folks!!!!!

    Does anyone have a TB and MCD in close proximity? I once did both menus (had a friend go to TB with my order), then we combined the food (I stuck a chicken burrito in the McChicken). Wasn’t too good that way, but worth a try. And we were FULL.

  15. Kaitis says:

    “I stuck a chicken burrito in the McChicken. Wasn’t too good that way, but worth a try.”

    I’m still laughing at this because I can’t figure out why it’s worth a try.

  16. Taco Bell’s “Why pay more?” menu should be retitled:: Why pay more…your colon will pay later.

  17. Grif Mac says:

    seriously, all TB value menu will do is make everyone in your house sick and get you sent to the nurse’s office!

  18. I have never had as bad a service as Wendys by where we live. Every single time I go there they make a mistake on my order. Every single time. And Wendys DID used to have a great Value Menu. There even used to be hot dogs and the GREATEST OF ALL ****CHILI DOGS****!!!!! YUMMMM… they were awesome. And now since summer is starting MAYBE we will get lucky and they will do it again and considering the amount of dogs sold, I can’t see why they would take it off. They are perfect in summer and winter. Come on Wendys–put it back on the menu!!!!! In the trying to do things better you have done just the opposite. Granted some things are healthier but when I want healthy I can eat at home. Honestly though, there is a happy medium.

  19. james42519 says:

    i like burger king and wendy’s ones. burgerking has changed stuff to though. burger king has the triple cheeseburger value meal still on the register even though it is not on there menu. they might look at you weird when you ask and say it is not there but it is. not bad for around $5.60 i think it was.

  20. alison says:

    I went to wendys today for the usual value meal…3 items for $2.99…only to be charged $3.49 when paying…the drive through board said $2.99….manager didn’t show me any proof there was a price increase. I heard they up the price at the drive through…was a loyal customer…but not anymore

  21. Bob says:

    I don’t know about the value meals, but I do like the Wendys Kids meals. A simple ham and cheese sandwich with a side and a drink. Not a bad meal.

  22. Stephen says:

    I couldn’t find a way to comment on the Wendy’s Son of Baconator article, so I’ll post my comment here, where it’s still relevant. I had a coupon to get a free drink and fries with purchase of any Baconator, and I still feel I overpaid. I’ve noticed over the course of a few visits that their cheese slices are half the thickness of what you would expect. I commented on the paper-thin meat patty to the cashier. She said, “that’s why it’s the ‘Son’ of Baconator… it’s smaller.” I thought perhaps they were using a kid’s burger patty on it. The meat is no bigger, and possibly smaller, than a value hamburger. A value cheeseburger with bacon for over $4? You’ve got to be kidding. I’ll take the $1.30 equivalent from Burger King. Speaking of which, BK had some deluxe Angus burger thing for $5 that was in no way superior to their Buck Double burger or whatever replaced it. The most laughable disgrace was Hardee’s $6.99 burger that “costs $3.99 but tastes like a upscale restaurant burger”. That Hardee’s burger was terrible tasting, and far inferior to a regular hamburger there. Not only are the best values on restaurant’s value menus, the value items seem to taste better, too! BK might satisfy the best out of the big three. Checkers seems to be the least expensive and most generous in portion size.

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