Observations: Something for the Ladies…

Pull up to the drive-thru window, order your Famous Star with a side of machismo and check out “Target Women: Carl’s Jr.”

(Thanks Whitney)
Carl's Jr. Paris Hilton Ad

4 comments on “Observations: Something for the Ladies…

  1. Haha. I agree! Although the commercials are funny sometimes and I get what they’re doing (going over-the-top) and obviously they’re doing the same with their menu, while most places are attempting to be healthier they’re adding 1,000 calorie burgers to their menu…..I do wish they came up with a better marketing strategy.

  2. Raiders757 says:

    That was funny as… Well, you know.

    It’s about time people start giving Carl’s and Hardee’s hell for their annoying adds. The real douche bags, are the idiots who came up with this ongoing add campaign . I like sexy women and all, but not when your trying to use them a as way to suggest that I am some sort of low IQ dumb ass animal.

  3. salemslot9 says:

    Carl’s Jr. not around here~used to visit Hardee’s years ago~before those stupid commercials~they’re gone, now~obnoxious advertising makes me want to stay away

  4. Sam says:

    great site. she’s so hot. i wish i was that burger.

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