Observations: Mini Burgers

Mini burgers are growing in popularity.  I can understand that.  So popular in fact that while sampling Burger King‘s latest, the “BK Burger Shots”, bearded infomercial loudmouth Billy Mays appears on the TV behind me selling his Big City Slider Station.  Talk about ironic right?   

Billy Mays Commercial 1

Billy Mays Commercial 2

Another bit of irony.  They’re called mini burgers, and they are indeed mini, but there’s no space saving with the packaging.  Check out the six pack box.  It’s around the size 4 McDonald’s Big Mac boxes.

6 Count BK Burger Shots Box in hand

BK Burger Shots (6)

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6 comments on “Observations: Mini Burgers

  1. Alex says:

    Agreed, that package for the 6 burger shots is delicious. It’s interesting because they don’t skimp on packaging for them, but they do make sure to attach all 6 buns together inside the box to make the tightest formation possible.

  2. drpep says:

    I tried the 2 for $1.39 deal. Not bad, but when a Whopper Jr is 99c I’ll stick with that.

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  5. The Burger Shots are amazing! I have a Burger King a mile away from me, and they are delicious!!!

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