Have You Tried Breakfast At Wendy’s?

Breakfast is sometimes a disrespected time for a few fast food establishments.  At some restaurants, breakfast is only available in certain locations.  These are usually in test phases waiting on deck for a possible nationwide offering.  There is room for improvement with fast food breakfast…and why can’t I have my breakfast at 7pm if I want???  Jack in the Box is a good place for breakfast anytime but there are other places where there is no good time for breakfast.  We as U.S. Americans deserve better!  Taco Bell has a breakfast menu in certain areas and Wendy’s actually does too.  The issue is actually finding the few restaurants that offer it.  I came across a Wendy’s that offered breakfast a few months ago but it was a late night and it was not being served.  Jamie from Gimmeyummy has sampled the goods.  It actually looks like pretty decent grub.  You won’t find the breakfast items on the standard Wendy’s website, but I recently came across the “breakfast specific” Wendy’s site.  Check out WendysBreakfast.com and you’ll feast your eyes on the goodies shown below.  There is also a handy “Breakfast Finder” in order to locate if there is a Wendy’s serving breakfast in your town.

So I’m wondering GrubGrade readers… Have you had the opportunity to try breakfast at Wendy’s?

Buttermilk Frescuit Sandwich:

What’s the point of a breakfast sandwich that falls apart in your hand? Now you can have your biscuit and eat it too! The Buttermilk Frescuit is an all-new un-crumbly twist on a biscuit and you can only get it at Wendy’s. We bake them fresh so they’re moist and never crumbly. Then we pile on eggs, cheese and a choice of hickory-smoked bacon, freshly grilled sausage or Black Forest ham. And then you get to enjoy them — down to the last non-existent crumb.

Buttermilk Frescuit Sandwich

Maple Baked Frescuit Sandwich:

Get a taste of sweet AND savory with the new Maple Baked Frescuit. You’ll love the sweet taste of real maple syrup in a fresh-baked Frescuit with savory grilled sausage or hickory-smoked bacon, eggs and cheese.

Maple Baked Frescuit

Steak & Egg Sandwich:

One day someone (probably a guy) woke up and asked, “Who says steak can’t be for breakfast?” Now we are asking, “Who says steak and eggs can’t be eaten on the go?” The answer is Wendy’s new Steak & Egg Sandwich. It comes with lean and tender grilled steak, eggs, cheese and hickory-smoked bacon, stacked high on a kaiser roll. So you get that steak and eggs taste without getting it all over your fingers.

Wendy's Steak & Egg Sandwich

Big Breakfast Sandwich:

Bacon? Sausage? We really don’t think you should have to choose — especially not first thing in the morning. So we made this sandwich for all those who want to eat their sausage and have their bacon too. Wendy’s Big Breakfast Sandwich manages to fit hickory-smoked bacon and freshly grilled sausage on a kaiser roll and somehow still find room for eggs and cheese. That much breakfast makes for one big sandwich.

Wendy's Big Breakfast Sandwich

French Toast Sticks:

French toast beats plain old regular toast any day, and now we’ve made it even better. We cut our French toast into handy sticks that are perfect for dipping in syrup and eating on the go. So now you can enjoy French toast every morning on your way to work — in the car, on the train or on foot. French Toast Sticks are the best thing since sliced bread.

Wendy's French Toast Sticks

Grande Burrito:

Grande is Spanish for big, which is what this burrito is. Just in case you thought we had misspelled grand. Not that it isn’t grand too, but it’s definitely big. It has to be, to fit eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, roasted potatoes, peppers and onions, all in a warm tortilla. This burrito has it all. In fact, if it weren’t a burrito, we’d say that it’s the whole enchilada. But that might be confusing, so we won’t.

Wendy's Grande Burrito

Custom Bean Coffee:

The world is full of coffee that’s weak, cold, burnt, reheated or just not very nice. That’s no way to start the day. Great breakfast deserves great coffee – and it shouldn’t cost more than breakfast itself. That’s what Wendy’s all–new Custom Bean™ by Folgers® Gourmet Selections™ is all about. Good coffee starts at the bean, so we take a slow–roasted, custom-blend of 100% Arabica beans and brew it perfectly every time. Plus, if you tell us how you take your coffee, we’ll add the cream and sugar for you. Come in and try some – your morning coffee fix just got tastier.

Wendy's Custom Bean Coffee


There are times in life when we have to choose sides. For example, when ordering a Wendy’s breakfast combo, you have to choose between a sweet coffee cake muffin served warm with a cinnamon crumble topping, golden Hash Browns, or a warm Blueberry Muffin, bursting with real blueberries. Picking sides is never easy, especially with ones as tempting as these. So if you find you can’t decide, you’ll be glad to know that you can find them on our Breakfast Values Menu too.

Wendy's Breakfast Sides

Breakfast Values:

Our breakfast value menu features six fresh and delicious options, starting at just 99 cents each.

  • Sausage & Egg Burrito: eggs and grilled sausage wrapped in a warm flour tortilla
  • Egg & Cheese Biscuit: eggs and American cheese on a biscuit
  • Sausage Biscuit: grilled sausage on a freshly baked biscuit
  • Hash Browns: golden brown and crisp
  • Coffee Cake Muffin: served warm with a cinnamon crumble toping
  • Blueberry Muffin: served warm and loaded with big, juicy, real blueberries

Wendy's Breakfast Value Menu

25 comments on “Have You Tried Breakfast At Wendy’s?

  1. Jillian says:

    Officially craving hash browns right now. I’m surprised Wendy’s breakfast isn’t more widely available; I’m sure it would do well in most areas.

  2. Josh says:

    Sigh…if you leave or come into IAD in the morning as much as I do, Wendy’s breakfast hits the spot, I enjoy the burrito, but it’s like every where else, nothing special…but good nonetheless

  3. maxchain says:

    I’m not entirely convinced you’re not yankin’ my chain. I’ve been to dozens of Wendy’s locations all over the place, none of which have breathed a word of this Break Fast you speak of.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    Am too craving little bitty hashbrowns now [otherwise everything else didn’t appeal] but I understand why FF restaurants can’t serve breakfast all day – they just don’t have the grill space to accomodate both types of food – at least it is the impression I got when I worked at McD’s oh so many years ago.

    We do eat breakfast for dinner often in our home – I love it, but if I crave it after the normal hours I just hit IHOP or Denny’s.

  5. Patrick says:

    I have a Wendy’s very close to where I live that serves breakfast. Now all that’s left is to try it lol 😀 Looks really good though!

  6. rightclue says:

    meh… the usual crowd for fast food breakfast are the elderly, in my experience anyway.

    When I worked at a McDonald’s as a teenager, the mornings had elderly patrons dining within the restaurant and busy individuals going through drive through, usually ordering coffee.

  7. Adam says:

    The only breakfast item I have ever eaten and will ever eat at a FF place are McDonald’s griddle cakes.

  8. Tracy says:

    When I was much younger, 20+ years ago, the Wendy’s in our neighborhood offered breakfast and it was really good. Haven’t seen it since I moved.They also had chicken ala king baked potatoes (which I miss terribly) but that’s another post.

    I hope our Wendy’s offers breakfast soon. One more thing to crave.

  9. not gonna lie, I think Wendy’s has such great burgers but people rarely go or talk about them…I will def try these….maybe.

  10. Michael says:

    Funny. I actually have a Wendy’s right around the corner from me that I noticed served breakfast as of about a year ago, and continues to do so today, that I never bothered with.

    The only reason I steered clear was my quick Googling of it at the time led me to reactions of detest from people who’d tried and hated.

    Who do I trust!?

  11. I’ve had all these when our Wendy’s did a trial run. They were fantastic! Way better than all other breakfast Fast Food alternatives. I was supremely bummed when they ditched it in my area. Not listed here, but on our menu was also Sausage and gravy on biscuits!

  12. Yum Yucky says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I just (mostly) gave up Wendy’s. Now I have to meet her for Breakfast? It will be greedy fun.

  13. nighthawk says:

    like tracy i haven’t had wendy’s breakfast for about 20+ years now… ever since i moved away from a wendys that served it…

    the french toast sticks were my go to item (of course i was 10)…
    while i do miss them every now and then….what i really miss from my girl Wendy….is her her awesome SUPERBAR…!

    where the hell has that been….i need my strawberries in pure red sugar syrup and my pudding….!!

  14. But WHERE O WHERE is the Breakfast sandwich I taste tested!? It was so delicious I just can’t freaking believe it’s not on the breakfast menu! Asiago cheese and peppery bacon on a cibatta roll with a freshly fried egg and buttery amazing hollandaise sauce!?
    It was the best fast food ANYTHING I have ever eaten and alas it is not on the menu? Anybody seen this glorious breakfast offering at THEIR local Wendy’s?

  15. Applekid says:

    I tried it in my area before all the franchises discontinued serving breakfast around me. I found the Frescuit to be kind of hit and miss. Sometimes it was soft and nice, other times it was hard and brick-like. It was always gummy. Think of a dryer yet gummier McGriddle cake. Sometimes I get faulty McGriddle cakes (hard or not enough syrup) but I would get the old Frescuits much more often.

    The sausage was very nicely flavored. Now that they’re using a new bacon for their sandwiches I wish they would still offer breakfast so I could give it a whirl.

    The hash browns were absolutely fantastic. Crispier than BK and IMHO just as tasty as McDonalds’ but a different kind of tasty. They’re questionably salted, though, sometimes too much, sometimes not enough. Just like how Wendy’s doesn’t salt their fries consistently.

    I found the burrito just plain gross.

    Coffee was basic. Not as good as McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts by a long shot, much better than BK’s swill.

  16. Raiders757 says:

    A little over a year ago, two Wendy’s in my area started serving breakfast, but I’m not sure if they’re still doing so. I only tried it twice, and both times I got a bacon, egg, and cheese Frescuit.

    The first time, it was great. The eggs were buttery and the bacon was perfect. The biscuit was just right. The second time, the biscuit was dry and thick tasting and the eggs were bland. It was terrible. From extreme to another.

    The hash browns were great during both visits. Much better than BK and even better than Sonic’s tater tots.

  17. drpep says:

    Once, outside Pittsburg in fall 2008. Nothing set Wendy’s apart from any other FF breakfast, although I don’t recall any of the above non value sandwiches on menu. I would have bought the Steak & Egg (minus cheese) if it was on menu. Hard to find in my area.

  18. Deanna says:

    I had the sausage gravy and biscuits and was amazed at how awesome they were, as well as the hash browns, which were MUCH better than any other fast food restaurant hash browns I’ve ever tried.

  19. wimsey70 says:

    I had one of the new Wendy’s breakfast items at my local Wendy’s this morning — a tomato, bacon, and egg panini. It was very tasty — definitely better than a McD’s sandwich. The hash browns are nicely seasoned.

  20. Ground Corpse Fritata says:

    I see…eat the French Toast Sticks in your car (while driving), da? Like we needed another distraction from the driving the morons on the road are supposed to be doing?

    There really is a good reason there’s a parking lot and sit-down tables at most fast food places, folks. If you’re too stupid to figure out you need more than one hand to eat the damn things and you really need, conversely, both hands on the wheel, I don’t want you on the roads we have to share!

    -Crunchy Bones And Bogmeat.

  21. […] anyways.So let’s consider the major fast food chains and see who’s out altogether.  Wendy’s doesn’t have breakfast nationwide.   I have yet to encounter breakfast at Arby’s, but it does exist.  Taco Bell is still […]

  22. AB says:

    While I have tried breakfast at Wendy’s in the town I live in, and it’s good, none of the items listed here are availible at the Wendy’s where I live. We actually have several Wendy’s locations, but only the newest one serves breakfast (hope that will change.) I’ve tried their Chicken Biscuit, and their Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit, and they’re good. Their hash browns (or home fries) are excellent… by far the best, beating Hardees and Mickeydeez hands down. Wendy’s also offers iced coffee which is nice… however, they need to work on it some.. it’s not as great as Mickeydeez iced coffee.

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