College Eats: Unlimited Meal Plans

There will be no snack review for this week. Why, you ask? Because when you have an unlimited college meal plan, spending money on snacks doesn’t always make a ton of sense. Take a gander:

Adam Grubbing at Utah State That was dinner on Sunday night. Let’s recap:

  • Toasted Turkey Sandwich with Tomato, Cucumbers, Banana Peppers, Sprouts, and Mustard on White Wonder Bread.
  • Salad with Beets and Balsamic Vinegar.
  • Green Apple
  • Lays Potato Chips
  • Slice of Watermelon and two slices of cantaloupe.
  • Two pieces of honey glazed turkey
  • Pulled chicken hard taco with salsa and cilantro.
  • Every condiment you could ever want.

And that is only one of two unlimited dining halls we’ve got here. This ain’t your daddy’s meal plan either – let’s just say I’ve been hitting up the “Mongolian Grill” station quite a bit this past week.

Man my blood pressure is gonna suffer. Oh well.

18 comments on “College Eats: Unlimited Meal Plans

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Are we gonna have to roll you outta there? I detect a food coma coming from your direction.

  2. Marvo says:

    Oh, college meal plans, how I miss you so! Buffet spreads at below buffet prices.

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  4. DHL says:

    We didn’t have an unlimited meal plan, but our 19 meal plan for the week was enough to feed 2 hungry ass college students every day. Lunch usually consisted of a stuffed personal pizza, stuffed with items we got from the deli section of the cafe as it was cheaper to hide that stuff in the pizza then to buy a separate sandwich.

  5. rob says:

    Just so long as you don’t pull a Bluto

  6. I so miss college! I hope they have a gym you can use if you want with all that food 😛

  7. John says:

    what college if you don’t mind saying?

    Wow, college meal plans were amazing. Although at Temple University, I could have sworn they added some type of filler. If I hate a couple plates of the same food at home, I might still be hungry. However at school, I got full more quickly.
    It was also that college meal plan that got me involved in a bet saying I couldn’t eat a certain amount of food in one sitting. I ended up throwing up, and returned to finish the meal.
    good times

  8. nuttyturnip says:

    The problem with that is it’s still college dining hall food you’re eating. The food at UNC-CH, with few exceptions (yum, chicken patties) was a few notches below average. They even found a way to ruin hot dogs, and that takes some work.

  9. Unlimited Meal plans FTW.
    It’s like Old Country Buffet for kids who still have metabolism!

    Eat up Adam!

  10. maxchain says:

    You’re not officially using your meal plan until you’ve gotten greedy and started making, then sneaking entire sandwiches out.

  11. Adam says:

    @John: All I’ll say is that it’s a large public school in the interior west.

    @nuttyturnip: Trust me, this ain’t your daddy’s meal plan. This ain’t my first rodeo at college, and compared to other places I’ve eaten, this stuff is top notch (no, it ain’t a five star place, but this is as ‘fast food’ blog, after all).

    @maxchain: Been doing that for years my friend.

  12. Natalie says:

    The food wasn’t great at my college, but I do miss being able to try everything in the caf before deciding on what to eat. I’d get one or two of the main hot entrees, a side or two, a slice of pizza..if that failed I could always get a sandwich or the salad bar or wait in the line the grill for a burger or grilled chicken sandwich.

    Oh college…you were awesome.

  13. Justin says:

    Jesus, man.

  14. ChrisSh says:

    I had that plan my freshman year and loved me. I snuck out so many sandwiches. On top of that, me and this one girl snuck out about half a gallon of ice cream and stored it in her freezer once and my roommate and I snuck out a gallon of root beer in an empty milk jug. Oh yeah, we also snuck out enough cookies so that we always had about 30 in our room at a time. We would offer a free cookie to anyone who came in the room. Good times…

  15. Jon says:

    It sounds like Grubgrade should change its name to “The Thieves Guild”

  16. Old School Mike says:

    Ahhhh college memories, I remember being a young, 18 year old skinny college freshman about 12 years ago and you bet during my entire freshman year I had the FULL 19 meals a week meal plan. Fortunately my extremely high metabolism saved me from gaining the dreaded “Freshman 15”

    -Old School Mike

  17. ChrisSh says:

    @Jon I don’t know about other places, but I know that even though my college claimed to give extra food to homeless shelters, it was almost all thrown away (so said student workers and full time workers), so I wasn’t going to feel bad about taking extra that was just going to end up in the trash.

    I actually brought this up when I was on student senate and the college eventually changed to a competent company, but by then, I was off meal plans.

  18. I wish I knew how to spell a sexy whistling sound.



    Anyway, man. That looks awesome.

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