Jealous: New Yorkers

On a perfect summer day like today there is nothing I’d rather do than walk New York and sample all their wonderful street grub. That is one thing that is sorely lacking on the West Coast. We’ve only got drive-thrus 🙁

Shake Shack (photo via GadgetLam's Flickr)

Shake Shack (photo via GadgetLam's Flickr)

Via GadgetLam’s Flickr from Shake Shack, “…shack attack special, mud pie frozen custard, chocolate sprinkles, hot fudge, brownie bites, and chocolate chips, seriously a chocolate overload but the best EVER!!!”

Nathan's Famous (via Rosemanio's Flickr)

Nathan's Famous (via Rosemanio's Flickr)

Via Rosemanio’s Flickr from Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island, “Cheesy chili hotdogs, fries… and the best ice lemonade!”

Ice Cream Truck (via Trish Mayo's Flickr)

Ice Cream Truck (via Trish Mayo's Flickr)

Via Trish Mayo’s Flickr from a Vesey Street Ice Cream truck, “This was the BEST ice cream that I’ve ever tasted! It was really creamy and delicious and perfectly presented.”

And just because this looks like it was filmed on New York Streets….rememBear the McDonald’s McDLT?

8 comments on “Jealous: New Yorkers

  1. Josh says:

    and yet all of these things I would gladly trade for an In-n-out and a fast food franchise to named later…or cash considerations

  2. Raiders757 says:

    Yes, New York City does have some damn good grub up there. with all the different cultures, it’s a melting pot for those who enjoy good eats. They have the best pizza in the world(no offense Bear), and their delis are to beat.

    Now as far as spending a nice summer day in New York city, I’ll pass. There are far better places to be than that giant concrete jungle. Nice summer days are for going to the beach, water skiing on the river, and slow cooking meat on the grill while tilting a few back.

  3. Raiders757 says:

    Sorry to comment twice in a row, but I just watched that commercial. Talking about a flashback! I remember when they served those burgers at McD’s. Man, I’m feeling like an old fart again.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    I love reading blogs about the food in NYC. My pal has a great blog detailing all her forays from food carts to upscale – yum!! We have nothing like that here.

    The McDs commerical cracked me up. The CLOTHES! The HAIR! OMG. Hysterical! I bet Jason Alexander wants his hair back. LOL

  5. Man I would love to go to New York! See the sites and sounds! I’ve been before but not since I was little, my Grandparents took me to see The Lion King on broadway when it first came out. I would love to go out on the town at some of the restaurants!

    Nathan’s MMMM.

    Wow Jason Alexander! He was so cute (not in a good looking way, sorry J.A., but in a awe he’s got hair kinda way lol)

  6. Adam Bomb says:

    I went to NYC in high school, but we didn’t have the opportunity to grub on much of the food there. We hit up the Hard Rock Cafe, and the food was disappointing. Of course, that was 13 years ago…

  7. orb205 says:

    Mmmm Shake Shack! The sauce they put on those burgers is what really makes them amazing. The shakes are pretty great too.

    If any of you make it out you should also try going to Artichoke! 14th street between 1st and 2nd. It’s not your typical thin slice pizza most people in NY like, it’s thick but super crispy and delicious. They have three kinds: artichoke, margarita and Sicilian (I think the margarita is the best but the artichoke is unique). And then as you eat your huge slice (the size of two slices for $2.50) walk it off down to Rivington and Essex for a Sugar Sweet Sunshine chocolate almond cupcake for $1.50!

    Ahhh, food.

  8. @Josh – Nah….I have to say…not a fair trade.

    @Raiders757 – Haha, none taken, I agree. Beaches are fun on days like this but I’ve yet to experience a day walking the NY streets tasting the yummy food.

    P.S. That’s cause you are an “old fart” 😛

    @SkippyMom – Haha, have you seen the Seinfeld episode where George get’s a toupee?

    @Erin Brooks – I would love to see the Lion King in NY! Now I’m more jealous.

    @Adam Bomb – Hard Rock Cafe in NYC….blasphemy!

    @orb205 – “Ahhh, food.” …need I say more. I would love to try it ALL 😛

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