Jealous: Boston

But not because of this 😛

MLB AL East Standings

MLB AL East Standings

…but because of this:

Hamburger from Flash's (via FoodFightBlog)

Hamburger from Flash's (via FoodFightBlog)

Jon over at was on The Great Burger Quest to find the best burger in Boston. From what I can see he never gave a final rundown of his findings but he had this to say about the above burger “On the Jon Defreest scale of renewed passion and overwhelming deliciosity, I give the Flash’s Burger an unprecedented 9 out of 10!” He’s got a few more pictures and you can read up on the other burgers he tried on his site.

Flash’s is located at 310 Stuart Street Boston, MA 02116. Has anyone else tried this burger and do you agree? What’s the best burger in Boston?

Burger Bite (via FoodFightBlog)

Burger Bite (via FoodFightBlog)

6 comments on “Jealous: Boston

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  2. Josh says:

    Mr. Bartleys Burger cottage…OR Sunset Cantina (steamed burgers) and curly fries FTW

  3. Flashes makes a good burger but there is no way that their burger is the best in Boston. I can think of at least 3 burgers better in Boston. My fave: Kingston Station’s burgers.

    The best piece of ground meat in the hub.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    That burger looks killer!

    Go Tigers!

  5. Josh says:

    OH…I loved the Pour House…they had half priced burger nights…who cares if the burgers are meh…they are half price!!

  6. varta says:

    That does look like a really good burger *drool*

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