She’s Crafty: Capri-Sun Handbag

Last month I showed off my Chip Wrapper Handbag and Purse.  Now check out my handbag made out of Capri-Sun juice pouches.  Nice way to be creative and recycle at the same time.

Capri Sun Handbag

Capri Sun Handbag 2

Capri Sun Handbag 3

28 comments on “She’s Crafty: Capri-Sun Handbag

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  2. No you’ve got to get meta….like a Mentos holder using on Mentos wrappers…..or a Corn-nuts pouch using Corn-nuts wrappers 😛

    Nice job! How long’d it take?

  3. brad says:

    Man, that’s really cool.

  4. Swampfox says:

    how do you clean the chip wrappers or capri sun pouches before making this things??

  5. Amy says:

    The chip bags I cut the top and bottom “ridge” off and then cut a slit up one side and open it. I just lay it flat and clean with spray cleaner and then dry it off with paper towels, then cut to size. The Capri Sun pouches definitely involve more prep. I have a piece of cardboard cut to size that I use as a template. I cut the top, sides and bottom off the pouch to fit the right size (2″x4.5″) then just clean the same way. Although I didn’t clean them as well as I thought because I am left with some residue from the straw adhesive. So I had to go back and reclean. This one took 130 pouches and about 6 hours not including the cutting time. I have also started using frozen veggie bags, granola bar wrappers, etc. No garbage discrimnation here.

  6. Dadio says:

    What type of folding is that

  7. Jojo says:

    WOAH! thats cool! I have a capri sun wallet and purse!

  8. Sheela says:

    Hi, I am a tenth grade student, and am doing my personal project. Can u e-mail me the directions to making this bag please?

  9. carlos says:

    with the caprisun , what measures have to take ?

  10. Jenniferr says:

    Omg this is freaking amazing can you give me like the directions so i can make one

  11. Laurel Miller says:

    Hi Amy,

    We are writing a book about creating environmentally friendly packaging (called “Is it really necessary to shrinkwrap a cucumber”) for worldwide publication next year and wondered if we can use an image of your excellent handbag. This is to illustrate that juice pouches cannot be recycled by conventional means, but that there are some reuse options.

    I regret I have left it a bit late, so would need the image within a week. The original photo file would be best, because higher resolution is needed for printing.

    Best wishes,


  12. Laura says:

    Can you please tell me how to make this? I think it’s really cool and awesome 🙂

  13. blake says:

    thats really cool i just started making bags out of capri sun puoches so this will definitely be in my future! thx

  14. Jay says:

    How did you make this

  15. duck_ tape_fever says:

    OOOOH MYYYYY GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!! how much can i buy this for?!? i’ve been trying to make one but this is perfect!!!

  16. Stacie says:

    I am an Assistant Girl Scout Leader and my girls would have a lot of fun making this! Will you please send me instructions on how to make this? Awesome job!!!

  17. Andrea says:

    How exacty do you do this? I saw your instructions for the chip bag but i dont get how to do it with capri suns.

  18. Paula says:

    This is so cool can you send me direction via email of how to make this

  19. This is so cool. I am a teacher who talks about recycling all the time. I would love directions so I could go back to school with one of these!

  20. Malikah says:

    This looks very fun to do, but could u make a video on this could would really like to make this and use it so plz make a video cause it would be easier to understand 🙁 . I’m young only 12

  21. Heather says:

    My children love recycling and my five year old wants to save anything and say it can be recycled or reused. This would be an awesome project for them to do together. Can you please email me the directions, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!

  22. Sylvia says:

    Great Idea !
    I stumbled upon your site when searching for some info on Capri Sun which by the way are free this week at A & P supermarket if you have one in your area. You can view all the info here,

  23. Hi! I actually started making this a little ago, and think your picture is really nice! You said you used 130 pouches, is that front and back? Mine is so I just wanted to make sure. I too used the silver-color pattern, but mine is just a solid green from strawberry kiwi, not mixed.

  24. Corinne says:

    Could you please send me instructions for the bag. That is such a neat idea! I used to make chains with gum wrappers in the olden days when I was a kid.Now I love to do different kinds od crafts. Thank you. ;

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