Bizarre Foods with Adam: ‘Mystery Meat’ Kebabs

I am in a carnivore’s paradise right now:

BisonStuff 026

I know what you’re thinking. Probably something along the lines of “That looks awesome dude, but WHAT is it?” Well, before I bust out the big reveal, a little back-story is in order. It wasn’t long after returning to Maryland from my long trip out west that I started to get a hankering for a large mammal-to-be-named-later , and having not cooked myself a proper meal in weeks, I decided to splurge on some high quality meat before the end of summer. Fortunately, a local farm in Monkton, Maryland was only an hour by car away, so I decided to make the midday jaunt up Highway 83 to ‘sample the goods’ — so to speak. A couple hours and $40 later I was in business, having bought enough meat for a few nights worth of grilling. And while I enjoyed several ‘conventional’ offerings of this mammal-to-be-named-later, I have to admit that the best part of my culinary odyssey came from a cut of meat that can be described as anything BUT conventional. So without further and excessive babbling on my part, I give you…

Bison Liver

BisonStuff 017

Still salivating? I wouldn’t blame you if you said no. Before I went to Gunpowder Falls Bison and Trading Co. (swell place, by the way) I promised myself I was going to buy one “exotic” cut of Bison meat and I didn’t end up losing my nerve once I got there. While I initially was going to go for a Bison heart, the utter shock in my mother’s eyes upon learning this ended up steering me towards buying a Bison liver instead. At 4.99/lb I figured ‘what the heck, at least it will be an experience.’ The biggest problem with the liver was determining how I wanted to cook it. Yea, yea, I know: pan fry with onions…But c’mon, after watching “Bizarre Foods” for the past year do you really think I was going to take the classical approach? Hells no. My buddy Chris and I instead decided to skewer these bad boys on kebabs and make tacos out of them.

BisonStuff 021

BisonStuff 025

Chris couldn’t get through the first bite and nearly puked on the spot. I think I screwed up the cooking and ended up under-cooking the meat, although since I’ve never had liver I can’t really be sure. The meat actually had a good taste – although I’d be at a loss to describe it as anything but “meaty.” However, the texture of eating a smooth muscle like liver was weird, to say the least. It was incredibly chewy and “mushy,” yet also stringy in places at the same time. It was kind of like eating beef jerky that your dog had chewed, barfed out, and ate again, except without the obvious negative taste component you’d associate with that experience. It was like eating half cooked fat, but at the same time it wasn’t, because from what I understand the Bison liver is as “lean” as they come. I honestly liked this stuff, and thrown together with some BBQ sauce, grilled vegetables, and a little bit of “what the hell” American spirit, it made a nice dinner.

BisonStuff 033

Yes, I am one crazy dude. Chris, who doubles as a loyal GrubGrade reader and fast-food fanatic, felt differently. This, my friends, is the stare of a man who is not quite with us:

BisonStuff 028

As it were, I actually picked up a number of other great Bison products from GBT, including some awsome “griller” sausages and some Bison burger patties. If you’re ever up around Baltimore, be sure to check them out!

8 comments on “Bizarre Foods with Adam: ‘Mystery Meat’ Kebabs

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    Well, it *looks* delicious! I’d totally give it a try.

  2. You’re far braver a man than me….I’ve never really eaten that many strange items. Although I’ve been wanting to venture out more and more.

    “It was kind of like eating beef jerky that your dog had chewed, barfed out, and ate again.” – See that there is why I’m reluctant to venture out. Haha.

    I think the application looks superb and maybe even better than pan-fried with onions.

    I’ve got to say…this shizz is sketchy. I don’t know if I’d be able to stomach it either. I want to try some gator, definitely foie gras and maybe even some chitins!

  3. Raiders757 says:

    That does look really good, but I would have to pass. I’m just too picky of an eater to even think about something like that.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    All my husband could say [sarcastically, after reading the dog reguritation part] was “Alrighty then. I’ll have three!”

    Um, huge fan of liver, but I have to agree….not.

  5. cress says:

    You are a brave soul. I would run from this. I don’t understand how anyone could eat liver..I mean, its LIVER! Is kidneys and the colon not far off from being offered for us to consume? You, sir, are a very brave soul indeed! And you were originally going to PURCHASE THE HEART! Glad you had mom with you to change your mind. Way to go mom!
    I DO want to try a Bison burger, but don’t know where I can get one. Anyone know who serves a Bison burger?

  6. Adam says:


    Depends on where you’re located. You can actually buy your own Bison at most of those organicany-grocers these days, although I’d suggest getting it from a NBA approved farm. Much better quality. If you are looking for a national place try Ted’s Montana Grill. Otherwise you may just wanna try a google search. A lot of grills and brewhouses carry them these days.

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    …wondering why pro basketball has anything to do with approving bison farms…. 😉

    I know there’s a farm somewhere within driving distance of my town that has elk and bison meat for sale. They offer free samples on certain days, but I’ve never been there.

  8. says:

    Try making bison liver pate.’ It is creamy in texture and really nice. You also need to refrigerate it overnight after making it before eating it. It’s best cold. I put it on some french bread or white cracker. Liver needs some special spices with it and you will find that in the recipes. Yummy! There are a couple of different recipe’s on the web if you google it. The one I used was:

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