Beach Eats: Thrasher’s French Fries

What’s a beach trip without the accompanying beach food?  When I think about an upcoming trip to Ocean City, MD, the first thing that springs to mind are Thrasher’s Fries.  To me, this has become my quintessential beach food.  If I miss out on this, I just don’t quite feel like my trip has been completed.

Thrasher's French Fries

Thrasher's French Fries

Thrasher’s has been an Ocean City staple since 1929. Located on the end of the boardwalk near the parking lot, you can almost see the long lines as soon as you get out of your car.  Well, you can at least smell them!  What makes these fries so special you ask?  Maybe it’s the grease (peanut oil to be exact);  maybe it’s the potatoes or the preparation.  Thrasher’s themselves won’t divulge many of their secrets.  Their potatoes come from Idaho and are peeled and sliced right where they are sold (you can still see the skin on some) – there is nothing frozen about this fry.  Key to the taste is minimizing the time from the potato being cut to being placed in the fryer.  These fries are always served fresh.

Thrashers Fries

The fries are always scooped and over-stuffed into 16, 32 or 53 ounce cups right out of the fryer and without salt. What else makes them special?  The apple cider vinegar!  There’s no way you can enjoy a hot helping of these fries without it.  They always make sure to have salt on hand for those who need it, but you won’t find any ketchup here – no really, you won’t.   To me, you can always tell who the Maryland natives are by whether or not they put vinegar on their fries!  My one and only complaint about these fries is that they aren’t always the crispiest bunch you’ll find.  But what they lack in crispiness, they more than make up for in flavor.  If you ‘re ever in the neighborhood, make sure to stop by and grab some-you won’t be sorry!

  • Pros:  Great taste, always served fresh and hot.  Cups are always over-stuffed, there’s no skimping on portions.
  • Cons:  Can get messy with a good dousing of vinegar and can also cause the cup to loose it’s bottom!  Fries are not always crispy.
The glisten of vinegar soaked fries...

The glisten of vinegar soaked fries...

Taste:  9.00/10

Value:  7.50/10

Grubbing on the Go:  6.00/10


GrubGrade:  8.50/10  (Very Good)

Price: pending
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17 comments on “Beach Eats: Thrasher’s French Fries

  1. MMM Thrasher’s. I haven’t had Thrasher’s in about 2 years. They are one of the best out there. You are right about them not being the crispiest though. You can ask them to fry them longer but the odds of there not being a line at Thrasher’s is rare. I take offense to the you can tell Marylander’s by whether they put vinegar or not. I know I’m odd already, I am probably one of the few Marylanders who hates vinegar on her fries.

  2. Bear Silber says:

    Dude, those sound AWESOME!!! I want to try them so bad. It’s probably bad to say but I love me some catsup…or mustard…or mayonnaise on my fries. I’ve never had the apple cider vinegar, i’d love to taste it. You’ve got me craving these…damn you!

    I think I’d have to request a double fry though, I’m not a fan of sogged out crisp.

  3. Ryan says:

    @ Bear … I went through a mustard on my fries phase after watching Slingblade. I’ve never been crazy about Thrasher’s fries…I mean I’ll eat them but I wouldn’t wait in line for them. I prefer Atlantic Stand. No lie about those lines either….people are nuts for Thrasher’s.

  4. Heather says:

    I’m with you Erin, I’m definitely a Marylander and I don’t care for vinegar on my fries either. Just give me a little bit of salt and I’m good. Of course, I do like dipping my fries in honey mustard once in a while. I also agree with Ryan, I’m not so crazy about Thrasher’s either and I do like a crispier fry.

  5. So @Ryan and @Heather what are you favorite non major food chain fries? I always loved Boardwalk Fries. Especially when they are done nice and crisp!

  6. I like a mix of soggy and crisp. Not a fan of vinegar on my fries though. Either way, this place looks pretty good.

  7. orb205 says:

    And then if you want to get fancy with your cup of fries you can come to NYC and go to pom frites and have your choice of 20 something weird mayo curry sauces and ketchup variations to dip them in.

    I think malt vinegar on fries is the best! I hope you also had some frozen custard!

  8. Shan says:

    I am not a Marylander, but I love vinegar on fries. And boneless chicken too!

  9. Raiders757 says:

    I love all the fry stands you can find at most any beach. Most of them are a knock off of Thrashers, though. Still, most all of them are damn good. Even the Boardwalk Fries chain, mentioned above, is pretty darn good as well.

    I like them salted and plain, or even with malted vinegar. I have no problem with ketchup either, but they’re good without dipping them into anything. Also with the cup, there is nowhere to put any ketchup, so why bother with it. Salt and malt them up, and enjoy.

  10. IBeAnonymous says:

    Vinegar on fries? I’ve never had that, nor have I ever dreamed of that! How much vinegar do you pour on the fries? I’m a fan of dipping fries into Ranch, not Ketchup. I can’t stand Ketchup on anything, I hate it with a passion!

    • George says:

      Anything other than salt ruins the flavor of them being fried in peanut oil. To use Ketchup on Thrasher’s Fries is disgusting; vinegar also ruins the flavor. Just salt them and enjoy.

  11. ratbuddy says:

    Use malt vinegar. If you have a Five Guys near you, go try it now. They have the vinegar. Just sprinkle on as much as you like. Amazing.

  12. Tam n Bob says:

    It’s been two years since we’ve had Thrashers ( after 18 in a row). We’re heading to OC in 36 hours, and the first thing we want is a bucket of fries! THE BEST EVER! It’s just not vacation without them!

  13. Crusader says:

    Americans – this is why you’re obese. It’s just disgusting to eat a 54oz cup O Fries!

  14. George says:

    I am being moderate; I agree that any one person eating 54 oz. of anything is ridiculous. I have never seen a single person eat 54 oz. of Thrasher’s Fries and I have been there numerous times; the people who buy the largest cup of Fries are feeding 3 or 4 others (wife and Kids).

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