National FoodBeast Day Is Coming…Vid #2

I wonder how many takes this took?  I’d like to see the blooper reel on this one.  Nice catch Andrew.  Remember National FoodBeast Day is May 6th.

3 comments on “National FoodBeast Day Is Coming…Vid #2

  1. Good spoof.

    If it were me…..1 take. I’m a G at that!

  2. Elie says:

    Ryan, thanks for showcasing this stuff!

    Bear Silber, we should have had you in the mix if you can do one! The guy that caught it’s name is Andrew, for that particular shot, it took about 20 tries! I’ll make sure to have a blooper reel sent over as soon as National Foodbeast Day is over!

    Keeep grubbbbing everyone, this site rocks

  3. @Elie…..I’d have loved to be in it 😛

    Looking forward to that blooper reel!

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