Classic Commercial: Burger King Cartoon Ad

4 comments on “Classic Commercial: Burger King Cartoon Ad

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    1960s, huh? I’m old, but not that old. LOL

  2. goodi3shooz says:

    better that than that creepy awful king. Burger King needs to retire that character…everyone hates him.

  3. Adam Bomb says:

    Daaaang, that’s way old for me. It’s interesting how they were marketing BK as a kid’s place back then. While they’re certainly kid-friendly, I wouldn’t say BK’s current interest is in the kiddies. More like the giant burger-eating adults, LOL.

  4. RossS says:

    heh..ok, I’m old and I mean that old. I worked at BK in the 70’s during High School. I always thought that was the best king that BK ever came out with. Problem was, the FTC or whomever said that because it was an animated character BK couldn’t dress someone up in a costume and send him around to the stores to do meet a greets with the kiddies ala Ronald McDonald. Ever since then BK has, in my opinion, struggled to develop a good marketing character.
    I like the current one more than the previous one. I that the commercial with the king and Darth Vader doing a stare down was great. Laughed my ass off.
    I agree with Adam Bomb. Both BK and McDonalds were in a war for the kiddies back then.

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