Breakfast in Bed Courtesy of Bear at Bachelor Bites

Hey everyone, if you haven’t yet checked it out, go to  GrubGrade friend Bear Silber of PizzaParty has this new video up that teaches us that food presentation is crucial.  Be sure to check out his site for more videos.

7 comments on “Breakfast in Bed Courtesy of Bear at Bachelor Bites

  1. Raiders757 says:

    Damn, that Bear dude has a nice pad. If your going to be a bachelor, that’s the way to do it.

    I watched his baked tater video. Looked tasty and all, but I like a crispy skin, so no nuking can be done. At least not for very long.

    I rub mine down with oil, give them a generous dose of kosher salt, place them right on the rack over a drip pan(tin foil), and let them bake until just perfect.

    Of course, if your a bachelor, doing it fast may be the way to go.

  2. What a sage! …oh..that’s….ahh….awkward

  3. Great stuff as always Bear and thanks to Grub Grade for promoting it!

  4. @Raiders757 @Adam & @Greg – Thanks for watching boys. Looks like it’ll be worth it to actually put some thought into this…so far it’s just been done really quickly and not too organized.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    I’m loving all the Bachelor Bites segments thus far. I’ll keep checking for new ones. Totally worthwhile.

  6. @Adam – Hehe, thanks….I think they’re pretty lame but as long as at least one person enjoys them I’ll keep trying to put up new stuff 😛

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