McDonald’s 30th Anniversary Happy Meal Giveaway

As I mentioned before it is the 30 year anniversary of the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Well I’ve managed to get my hands on the entire collection of Ty Teenie Beanie Babies in a special edition collectors box. What’s one to do with such a thing? What do you think I’d do….just give it away? Well that’s exactly what I’m going to do! Would you like to win this sweet prize or what?

If you’d like to win this, all you have to do is write below in the comments in exactly 30 words (as that’s how many years old it is) what the McDonald’s Happy Meal means to you. The winner will not be chosen at random but will be chosen by myself…either the most creative or humorous or just downright interesting so take a moment and write something good. Entries must be submitted by Sunday August 16th 11:59pm. I will announce the winner next week. Good luck!



27 comments on “McDonald’s 30th Anniversary Happy Meal Giveaway

  1. Aimee Self says:

    I was 8 when the Happy Meal premiered and I would put french fries in the hamburger and sing Happy Birthday to Me! I STILL eat them quite often too!

  2. Kayla Sublime says:

    My childhood in a box. They were my best friends growing up and the one thing my whole family agreed upon, later, like asses,when they weren’t ‘priceless collectibles’. SMH..

  3. NinjaFujiko says:

    The Happy Meal is like jumping into a pool on a hot day. Fun, comforting, and exciting. Like that hug you get from Mom when you had a bad day.

  4. Reena K says:

    Simply watching my 3yr old daughter’s face as she lights up when she gets one of these for her “treasure chest” and I’m collecting some happy memories for mine!

  5. Jess says:

    McDonald’s, I present these love haikus.

    McDonald’s, my love.
    Adoration in a bag.
    Compliments to chef.

    The prizes inside,
    Like rare jewels of treasure lost.
    May I trade with you?

  6. Linda says:

    Growing up, I refused to eat ground beef. Fast food was a rare treat. I was allowed to order a cherry pie and fries. No happy meal toys for me! :o(

  7. James V says:

    Happy Meal means that one time where I got 2 toys and had them both taken away by a floor cleaner because I told her she had a bad job.

  8. Amy says:

    Despite the fact that they resembled brightly colored mops, my favorite happy meal toys were the fry kids. I wanted to mush my face in big soft versions of them.

  9. Caleb says:

    Growing up poor, I was more familiar with the 29 cent hamburgers than the happy meals. But occasionally, on special occasions, my parents let me indulge. Those toys were great.

  10. McDonald’s Happy Meals Mean:

    Care free times
    Imagination going wild
    Cartoons coming to life
    Having an ever growing collection
    Having nuggets after my riding lesson
    And fun fun fun fun

  11. Matt says:

    The McDonald’s Happy Meal was my unattainable happiness. As a poor immigrant family, I shared ½ of a big mac with my big sis. No toys. Just ½ a burger.

  12. John says:

    McDonalds Happy Meals always meant not enough food for me. I’ve been eating double cheeseburgers since birth. EPIC PORTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Shannon says:

    I can’t live without you
    My dearest meal in a box
    My a$$ is large
    And as wide as an ox

    It was always about the toy…not the food.

  14. April says:

    my perfect happy meal: hamburger, just ketchup, fries, and a sprite. years on, it has never failed to provide satisfaction complacent as i lick the salt from my fingers…perfect.

  15. SkippyMom says:

    B A G Y M R P Y X S U I Y H A
    E K K E I E B O A X E L J O Y
    X X I F L G B C H Y M I U V T
    O K C D K R S A O T C U R N C
    B Z K I S U M E M L D L E F A
    H N R U T B E Y I S O I J A R
    C U K L U E T A O N N R P P A
    T G Q R T S M D C E A P F N M
    A G G Y A E A E V F L E T U E
    M E E T E E W N N E D J B F L
    R T T W R H O E S T S M E A L
    R S O O T C U R H T E V I R D
    E C O N O M I C A L Y P P A H
    P O R T A B L E P U H C T E K
    E T U C R L B A R B I E S P P


    30 of 30 words were placed into the puzzle.

  16. Patrick says:

    As littler kid, Happy Meals were simply amazing. I loved how you always got a toy, and ALWAYS got chicken nuggets! The design of the boxes made me giggle too!

  17. Leeroy says:

    Does “30” count as a word for purposes of the required length? If so:

    Happy Meal is 30, so am I (next week). It reminds me of snacks after baseball games, special treats, and the borderline obesity that set in during my teen years.

    If not:

    Happy Meal is 30, and so am I (next week). It reminds me of snacks after baseball games, special treats, and the borderline obesity that set in during my teen years.

  18. johnny d says:

    Tuesdays kids night was special for me and my friend … if you pick me I will share a picture involving happy meals that is sure to make you crack up!

  19. ChrisSh says:

    Happy. And that’s what it was to me. Before calories and carb counting, a trip to McDonalds was a magical journey to a land of childhood dreams and yes, happiness.

  20. Jessica says:

    I remember being in 4th grade and the utter insanity when Beanie Babies took over. We kids were obsessed, sure, but it was the first time I saw our own mothers compete and become even more into them than we were.

    When McD’s started including them in Happy Meals, I remember with crystal clarity when my friend Krysta informed me her mother, who was hellbent on getting every single one, had gone to McD’s at 4am that morning to wait for them to open, so she could be the first to choose and get the few missing from her collection. It was then I realized that adults are just as crazy and weird as we were. Except I was 9-years-old.

  21. Amanda F. says:

    To me, the Happy Meal means being able to eat a cheeseburger without dealing with three hours of pain from acid reflux afterward. I can has cheezburger? Yes, I can!

  22. Abby says:

    Happy Meals mean to me great option for this busy mom a quick meal that will be healthy, keep them happy and anticipating the prize to be had in the end!

  23. Adera says:

    The best part of the meal
    The secret treat encased in plastic
    The treasure reward for a burger (when you really wanted mcnuggets)
    Even better than cracker jacks

  24. desiree says:

    I have a 3 year old who i love to share happy meals with. I always loved them and now I have a childhood favorite to enjoy with my son.

  25. Pete says:

    hmm – forget the beanie babies – Id like to find 30 year old happy meal boxes..hehe….or bags…wrappers….

  26. eve says:

    is McDonald’s going to sell ty beanie babies again

  27. David Madden says:

    I have a complete set of the 30th anniversary happy meal ty babies unopened and the McDonald’s peanut the royal blue elephant. anyone e nterested?

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