Giveaway Results: Hardee’s Thickburger Winners

OK, I wish I could feed you all.  Had to randomly select 8 out of the 25 comments.  If you were selected, please email me your name and address (GrubGrade at Gmail dot com).  Thanks to everyone who has supported GrubGrade. Please leave us your thoughts in the comments section of our posts.  Lot’s of great discussions going on.  To those who weren’t selected, there will be more giveaways to come.  Stay tuned!

Hardee's Thickburger

Congrats to the following…Enjoy the grub:

  • Adam Bomb
  • ChrisSh
  • Daniel N
  • Justin W
  • Mimi
  • Kendra
  • Chris
  • Michael

7 comments on “Giveaway Results: Hardee’s Thickburger Winners

  1. Justin W says:

    Sweeeet! Thanks!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks Ryan!! Your the man! Will enjoy-

  3. Elvin says:

    Lol, how will they get it? Are you going to mail a coupon or the actual burger or money or what?

  4. Ryan says:

    @ Elvin … So I don’t get any angry grubbers out there…I’m mailing coupons shaped like Thickburgers.

  5. Daniel N says:

    Hey Ryan did you get my email with my address? I never got a response to the first email I sent. Thanks

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah Daniel, I got it…last week was upside down for me…I’ll be sending out the free Thickburger coupons tomorrow. Thanks! 🙂

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