What’s to Come on GrubGrade

I’m up to my eyeballs in content.  While I’ve been out shoving my face, the GrubGrade crew have been holding down the fort.  Thanks everyone!  I noticed that I’ve been slacking on my own posts lately but it’s hard to type while double fisting grub down your gullet.  Just know there is a TON of stuff in the works.  Stay tuned for some “Hitting the Road” posts, another “Chip Throwdown”, a lot of great RememBear This posts, snack reviews, food reviews, featured restaurant posts, the latest food news, a new poll and a contest.

GG Hits the Road

Thanks for visiting GrubGrade and please leave us comments on our posts.  There is some great back and forth dialogue going on, come join in on the discussions.  Also remember, GrubGrade is updated EVERYDAY!  We are a living and breathing food blog and we will make every effort to keep updating daily.

Also, I am constantly on Twitter these days doing a lot of mobile publishing of random day to day nonsense.  We can be found on a variety of social networking sites:

6 comments on “What’s to Come on GrubGrade

  1. Ya DAMN straight son! We da bomb like Donkey Kong!………too much? Sorry 😛

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    I’m looking forward to all the upcoming posts! This and WIBIA are my favorite food blogs. Keep up the great work, guys.

  3. Cool very excited about all the new stuff. It helps to keep in the know. I often txt Randy (my husband) at work when I find that you post about free meals or specials! You all are great and hard working and deserve all the praise! Great job!

  4. Ah…those pics are some big teasers! White Castle, Wendy’s some good looking stuff….

  5. Yum Yucky says:

    Cool pics! I’ve been visiting Grub Grade more often, and as a reward I should get that pizza in the bottom right hand corner….hunger pangs, ya know?

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