Update from the Host Switch…

Hey everyone, 

Big thanks to GrubGrade reader Raiders757 for contacting me to let me know that the updated site was requiring a log-in to leave comments.  I’ve disabled that.  Should be back to normal now so feel free to leave some angry comments concerning my incompetence.  Pretty much figuring this stuff out as I go.  Also, the design of the site may be changing yet again.  Sorry for the mess.  I’m hoping to have this pretty much wrapped up and ready to go by the end of the weekend at the very latest.  So between now and tomorrow, who knows what you may see when you stop by.

3 comments on “Update from the Host Switch…

  1. Looks good Ryan. Clean and easy to navigate.

  2. I’m digging it too. Who’d your new host? I’m using BlueHost and I love it!

    • Ryan says:

      Went with BlueHost. I’ve narrowed designs down to the current one and a few more. If I keep the current design, I would like to increase the font size some.

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