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Just wanted to extend a special thanks to all the GrubGrade supporters.  It’s been a little over 2 months since we got this thing started.  The repeat visitors and the great commentary on the posts has been awesome.  Special thanks to the GrubGrade crew of writers/photographers/tech help for all their hard work.  Welcome to all the new visitors to GrubGrade.  I hope you like what you see and stick around to check out the site daily.  Tomorrow we’ll be back with a new review from a new writer.  

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4 comments on “Thanks from GrubGrade

  1. No no no, us supporters thank you! The content is always awesome. I’m so glad you guys DID start this badboy up. Looking forward to its growth & expansion. You guys rock 😛

    When can I pick up some GrubGrade merch?

  2. Kain says:

    Yep good on you Ryan for starting it up. Yeah i miss FFC but hell GG is just as good if not better!

  3. FFC who?

    Only kidding, of course that was great but this is fantastic 🙂

  4. New writer?! That sounds fun and looking forward to that. Grub Grade is possibly the best site on the net. I would rank them
    1. Grub Grade
    2. Google
    3. Amazon
    4. Pizza Party
    and so on… don’t forget Would I Buy It Again at about 938,321 on the rankings.

    Thanks for doing all that you do.

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