How I Spent My Friday Morning, Epic Jamba Juice Trip Fail

I was hoping to have a nice post for you GrubGrade readers in the coming days about my trip to the Jamba Juice headquarters in Emeryville, California.

Jamba Juice

The nice people at Jamba Juice were having me out for an event to take place today.  Something new on the horizon at Jamba.  Even though sadly I will not be attending the event, I will still post about the news soon.  When you get pulled over for a headlight that is dark 25 feet from the airport exit, things have a way of piling up from then on.  Such as the insane security lines at BWI airport this morning.  Last time I checked, it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas. Anyways, yeah, I missed my flight! A direct 6-hour flight from Baltimore, MD to San Francisco, CA would’ve managed to get me to the Bay Area an hour before the event.  I’m out of luck now.  Any transfer or change at all would’ve cost me big time and I’d arrive after the festivities were over.  It wasn’t meant to be this time…

Take a look at the lines at BWI this morning.

The Head of the Snake.  Moving at a snails pace.

The Head of the Snake. Moving at a snails pace.

The Neck of the Snake.

The Neck of the Snake.

The Shoulders of the Snake.

The Shoulders of the Snake.

Does it ever end?

Does it ever end?

Around another corner.

Around another corner.

Happy campers everywhere!

Happy campers everywhere!

The Tail of the Snake.  It's back there somewhere...

The Tail of the Snake. It's back there somewhere...

10 comments on “How I Spent My Friday Morning, Epic Jamba Juice Trip Fail

  1. Kristin says:

    Those lines are NOTHING at BWI…they are like that all the time during the week unfortunately….epsecially Monday and Friday. Sorry you missed the plane! I’m surprised they didn’t pull people out of line whose flight was coming up – sometimes they do that.

  2. Ryan says:

    It just wasn’t my day Kristin. These pics were taken a few minutes before my flight was supposed to board. I suck! No luck with the pluck. I tried desperately but there were salty people way ahead of me that were trying to fight me. They missed their flight too.

  3. Josh says:

    Fly Clear my friend…Fly Clear

  4. Ryan says:

    Wow…that Fly Clear is pretty sick. Cool. Thanks Josh.

  5. Wow Ryan! I haven’t been to BWI since 06 when I went to pick up my hubby from a work trip he had to take in TX. Use to go all the time as a kid when my dad would take me on trips. BWI is still the closest airport to me even though hubby and I moved up to PA last year.

  6. Keith says:

    Worst airport ever; those lines give me horrible nightmares from my experiences at BWI. It’s AWFUL.

    I missed a flight out of there a few years ago; since then I’ve always showed up 3 hours early. That line is that long at 6:00am.

    I live in PA too; Harrisburg Int’l is right here and more convenient, but more expensive with less flights. You can’t win air travelers!

  7. rob says:

    Wow thanks for posting the pics I am NEVER flying out of BWI, that is totally insane. I would have gone totally postal and by now I would be in a secure room in Gitmo.

  8. James says:

    Fly Clear is an awesome idea, too bad its not at BWI yet.

  9. Raiders757 says:

    Note to self: I will never fly again, as I hate lines just as much as I hate people.

  10. Melanie says:

    I missed my flight also. I have flown all over the world and have never seen a line like Friday morning’s. I told the woman in security that I would miss my flight and she told me she wasn’t bumping anyone. At the eleventh hour, a representative from Airtran came and told people from several flights to literally run through security, and although my gate was right past security, they had already closed the flight. I was not alone. Many people missed their flights that morning. Even the police commented that they had never seen it that bad there. What a nightmare! Never again!

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