GrubGrade Weekend Host Switch

Last month I ran into a 7 hour fiasco with switching hosts.  Things have been busy and I haven’t found the right time.  It’s a holiday weekend so it’s probably a good time to get it over with.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be problem free this time around.  So anyways, tomorrow night, Saturday April 11, I plan to make some moves.  So if by chance you happen to stop by the site and it’s on fire, please bear with us.  


***UPDATE #1:  As you can see, I jumped the gun and made the switch today…There will be some cleaning up to do so don’t be surprised if things look different in a few hours….or tomorrow.  We will still be doing our regular content updates….also the links within posts that link to other posts on GG seem to be not working…Working things out right now.  Stay tuned.

***UPDATE #2:  Internal links have been adjusted and should be working now.  Some videos/polls still need to be redone.  We haven’t officially finalized a theme to the site yet.  We’ll try to get these things sorted out this weekend.


GrubGrade Logo

One comment on “GrubGrade Weekend Host Switch

  1. Evan says:

    Great job. The site looks awesome. Just realized that the logo is basically Hardees’ logo, but a circle.

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