Pizza Party: Want $100 for Eating Pizza?

GrubGrade’s newest writer is a madman.  Some of you may know him as Bear Silber of Pizza Party in Santa Clara, CA.  He has offered up a challenge.  Another crazy Belly Buster that is sure to bring grown men to tears.  Observe…

Pizza Party Logo

How does one go about winning $100 for eating pizza you ask? Easy, just finish our Belly Buster (20-inch pizza) topped with pepperoni, pepperoni Bagel Bites, pepperoni Pizza Rolls & pepperoni Hot Pockets in under 1 hour. It shouldn’t be tough because it’s so darned tasty!

Many have tried the Belly Buster Challenge but few have won. Hot dog eating champ of the world Joey “The Jaws” Chestnut held the record time of 17 minutes for quite a while but just recently Erik “The Red” Denmark broke it at 12 minutes 30 seconds. The images below are of a 12-inch medium pizza.

Pizza Party $100 Challenge

20-inch diameter
315 Square Inches
Over 5lbs of food
Over 1lb of cheese

Click the glorious pic below for more details

Pizza Party Belly Buster

6 comments on “Pizza Party: Want $100 for Eating Pizza?

  1. ChrisSh says:

    Now, I’m not sure all of those things combined look that good, but separate, they are all amazing, so I would love to give it a shot if I was in the area.

    How many pieces is it? I see some people failed with over 20 pieces left… So it either has a lot of pieces, or those people had no business being in an eating contest. 😉

  2. Evan says:

    That looks like it should be on

  3. @ChrisSh – My employee liked it so much he took it home 😛

    It’s 36 pieces. We can’t do slices because they’d be too large.

    @Evan – You are correct my friend. This is why America is fat…that and the internets…and TV…and not moving their ass enough!

  4. It takes a special person to come up with this. I was just thinking about how I need to make a trip and b-slap the Belly Buster. $200 would pay for most of my flight! Hmmm….

  5. WIBIA – Oh my GAWD!!! You have to!

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