Mediocre Corn Dog Nuggets and a Free Offer from A&W Restaurants

It’s been a while since I stopped by an A&W Restaurant.  My last experience with the place was indulging in some subpar Corn Dog Nuggets.  Why is it that shrunken food appeals to me so much?  Mini Burgers, Chick-n-Mini’s and now tiny corn dogs.  Oh well, it was 5 nuggets for 99¢.  I’ll try pretty much anything for 99¢.


So anyways, why did I overlook the featured A&W Root Beer Float?  It has been too long.  It’s probably been a good 15 years since I’ve had one.  A coupon for a freebie with purchase might remedy the situation.  A Small Root Beer Float or Freeze with purchase. I have yet to try a Freeze, that sounds pretty good… A&W Root Beer blended with vanilla soft serve.  Offer ends May 31st.

Click the coupon below if you’re interested.

One comment on “Mediocre Corn Dog Nuggets and a Free Offer from A&W Restaurants

  1. You know…I hadn’t been in one for the longest too. They have them here combined with KFCs and my brother wanted some good ol’ fried chicken so we stopped in. I had myself some A&W diet root beer and it was awesome!

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