Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers Commercial

A little while back we posted news of the new look and changes at Jack in the Box.  Along with new menu item, the Mini Sirloin Burgers comes a new commercial.  Ok…so it doesn’t feature a creepy talking oven but check out the mini cows and cowboys.  Enjoy.

49 comments on “Jack in the Box Mini Sirloin Burgers Commercial

  1. Love the high pitched harmony.

  2. 🙂 That’s pretty funny. They have a pretty good sense of humor in their ads. I like Jack in the Box. I’m sure you’ll tell us how these are soon. You should do a comparison…White Castle, Burger King, Jack in the Box & Ruby Tuesday

  3. Evan says:

    That commercial was funny, but I think it’s borrowing a little too much from the Burger King commercial.

    It also seems that everyone is jumping on the mini-burger bandwagon. Even Steak ‘N’ Shake has mini burgers. I wouldn’t be suprised to see that Wendy’s has mini’s in a couple months.

  4. Chaz says:

    @ Evan

    Yeah I won’t be surprised at all if Wendy’s offers them soon. Although the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger has shrunk to the point that it’s almost a mini burger now.

  5. Alison says:

    I LOVE the mini sirloin burgers! I think the commercial is really cute too! I agree that everyone is jumping on the mini burger wagon. However, can you blame them since people are buying them up? You guys should definitely try these burgers. The meat patties are a lot thicker than the BK shots. I do like the BK ones too, but the Jack In The Box burgers are definitely better!!

  6. Jim says:

    I think this commercial is just about perfect. It works on every level. The munchkin cowboys and mini-cows are precisely suited to the product — a mini burger. The lyrics are surprisingly funny — “cows the size of schnausers but they’re cattle” is a terrific line. The tune is an “ear worm” — you find it repeating in your head (kind of like the “Free Credit Report” jingle). And they make the product look really tasty. You can’t ask for any more out of 30 seconds of air time.

  7. PPT says:

    Just submitted this online to Jack in the Box-

    I find your new ad campaign featuring dwarfs to be extremely offensive!

    You should fire your advertizing company and in place of the current ad run an apology for using such poor judgment.

    As a resident of California, I am ashamed that your company is based in California.
    As a citizen of the United States, I am ashamed that your company is based in the U.S.
    As a citizen of the world, I am ashamed that there are still people that would even consider promoting their product with this type of advertizing.

    You should be ashamed too!

  8. Chaz says:

    @ PPT…This commercial employed dwarf actors. They are paid employees. This commercial is great. Get over it.

  9. Avon says:

    The actors are paid for their work and let’s face it, there is not a lot that these people can do to make that kind of money. You probably also hate the makers of the Wizard of Oz, as well. My great Uncle Harvey! Those poor actors who portrayed the Munchkins! Why the very nerve of these villians to give people jobs! How dare they!!! Better to simper and whine about how they are treated and let them starve. Much more humane!!

  10. Avon says:

    Regarding my reply: I LOVE the commercial and have watched it over and over.

  11. Max says:

    PPT get a sense of humor. That commercial is the funniest thing ever….Yippy ey ay mini sirloin burgerrrrs!

  12. Teri says:

    I love this…catchy tune and funny. It’s great to have some humor. I am a vegan and I still love it. My husband and myself laugh at this.

  13. linda says:

    i love this commercial..i keep changing channels to find it..those mini animals are so cute and that song sticks in my mind all day!!1

  14. MLR says:

    Thank you, PPT. If any of you had a child, a sibling, a friend who is a little person I hope you would see that this commercial is demeaning and offensive. Would you laugh while your eight year old little person was watching this embarrassing display for the first time? The tune would be just as catchy without the cowboys.

  15. Triple S says:

    I am not a little person, but when I saw this commercial it made me extremely upset. The fact that people still look at little people as Umpa Lumpa’s and Munchkins is so disgraceful and appalling. I agree that the tune would be just as catchy without the cowboy’s singing.

    The executives and employees responsible for the creation, approval, and launch of this tasteless ad should be ashamed of themselves.

  16. jay says:

    I don’t find the commercial offensive. In fact one of the actors looks like Marty from Little People, Big World.

  17. Roger Missouri says:

    I love the commercial. I think ikt is soooo smart the way they do scrink think at the points they do it. It is very good. I think the PR firm should get the bank’s bonus money. They’re selloing burgers to get my money, what’s the bank SELLING.

  18. Tony Harkin says:

    I love this commercial. Get a sense of humor!

  19. Tony Harkin says:

    The burgers are really good too.

  20. jki says:

    So ‘having a sense of humour’ means thinking demeaning commercials are funny?!
    They could have done it with special effects to make the people look smaller like they did the cows.
    I don’t know any little people but they should not be seen as attractions or comedic little things. They are basically saying they are miniature people but they are real people too.
    I found it to be in poor taste.

  21. billyboy says:

    To the people who were offended. SHUT UP! I’m so sick of people not being able to make any kind of creative advertisement or anything else for that matter without fear of steping on someones toes. Thats exactly why this country is becoming what it is. Where so scared of hurting someones feelings. We don’t want to offend any other race than the whities because they’ll get mad and protest. Boohoo. This is the United States of America…Freedom of speech ring a bell?? If something offends you then get over it or move away. That’s the way this country has been for hundreds of years and thats what makes most of us proud to be here. We have the freedom to say, think, do,write,act, or listen to whatever we please. That is what makes us.

  22. mary says:

    it’s a funny ass commercial, if you dont like it, change the damn channel. thats it. very easy. does not take a genius to figure that out. and if you’re going to go and worry about being politically correct, then used the correct term and not little people you jack asses.

  23. Brian says:

    This commercial is hilarious. I’ve got the tune stuck in my head.

  24. jason says:


    Get over yourself and your PC BS…

  25. Observant says:

    Look Folks…
    The BUGERS are tiny and bold!! That’s a compliment to the little people cowboys. This time their distinctive quality is an asset as the sale point. What’s another example of that— other than the David v. Goliath motif?
    TINY AND BOLD!!! Observant

  26. Observant says:

    That’s a typo… Should read

    Look Folks…
    The BURGERS are tiny and bold!! ….

  27. annoyedatyou says:

    wow. the commercial is genius and great advertising. everybody who is offended… you leave me speechless.

  28. wow says:

    Wow – the responses amaze me. Yes, we enjoy freedom of speech – so did the pilgrims when they were accusing people of being witches, and the rednecks when they shouted the ‘N’ word at african americans, and the bible thumpers who hate gay people. I’m sure I could create a really funny commercial using witches, niggers, and queers – but would it be mature and appropriate? No, it wouldn’t. It’s not that the commercial isn’t cute – it’s that it perpetuates an old stereotype that hopefully mankind is trying to move away from – just like it has/is moved away from those other stereotypes I mentioned. And, yeah, one of those small actors may be the guy from Big World, Little People, but I know his voice isn’t 3 octaves above normal. So, to those of you who say “Shut up and get a sense of humor”, I say “Grow up and get a sense of honor”.

  29. pop says:

    How come all the “sour” people on this thread have handles like PPT, WOW, MLR, jki and even Triple S which would be SSS?

  30. yipee-i-a, mini surlion burgers
    yipee-i-o, mini surloin burgers
    yipee-i-a, mini surlion burgeerrrrs, HA

  31. c says:

    the extreme pc nature of this country is killing us. “i’m offended, sue everybody!”

  32. dana says:

    I want this as a ringtone!!! I love this commercial and song!

  33. calamity says:

    Sure, these cute mini burgers look delish on hi def tv, & I’m sure I will eat them because if I see it I have to eat it, call me pavlov’s dogmeat. I love the the but took exception to little people exploitation by seemingly rebranded “jack,” just jack. What, time to blow up the clown again?? Anyway, my friend says, little people actors need any work they can get. Don’t even get me started on JO the B’s attack on mature women with their lousy “menopause” ad. Screw you, jack — that just leaves more lovely cougar for me!!

  34. Shut up. says:

    What is wrong with you people. How can anyone be offended by this? They are getting jobs and are willing to do this. That’s like refusing to use someone tall in a commercial about the longest fries or something. You are all being stereotypical by thinking that the smaller people are so offended. You are making decisions for them. If any one of you is small that complained, tell me.

  35. Wolfie says:

    This reminds me of when everyone was in a rage over Ozzy “hanging” a midget named “Ronnie” during his show. It was showmanship. It was gothic. It was the 80’s and it was hilarious. By the time people who were up in arms over the “rights” of “little people”, the poor midget himself was out of a theatrical job he dearly loved.

    Way to go.

    It also reminds me of the idiotic political correctness fracus over the Taco Bell dog “Hispanic” stereotypes that put Gidget the Chihuahua and her trainer out of a job.

    And for what? So some bleeding heart P.O.S. can scream “I care more!”, and stave off their guilt for another day at someone else’s expense? They are not heroes to the cause; they are merely something that needs to be scraped off the shoe of society.

    Obviously, although they have the goose-stepping Nazi mentality down pat, not one of them has an IQ higher than that of a mini-sirloin burger.

  36. alex says:

    you guy this rocks

  37. Jennifer says:

    Hey….don’t worry about the little people….worry about the Schnauzers!!!! Hee Hee I love this commercial and I have a Mini Schnauzer and she doesn’t seem to mind the commercial and the little people got a paycheck…no one forced them to do the commercial and the burgers are great.

  38. Tony says:

    No pun intended here; Relish & enjoy the moment people. In fact try stringing as many together as possible. Never be afraid to laugh at something and sample a moment without remorse or guilt. For cripe sake, you’re simply not very balanced if you can’t. This commercial is flat out genius…It’s good, honest humor that laces irony, albiet a bit bizarre, with a most memorable musical jingle and lyric. Mix in a little make believe western history with the characters chosen and you’ve got one potent commercial message. Lighten up the self-rightous tendencies (this is a fatal human condition error and you should be re-booted) and be human for once. It’s fantastically artful. Interpret it for what it was meant to be, art!!

  39. Tony says:

    I am certain that Frank Zappa is chuckling at this, God Bless that man forever & a day for his ablities to bind comedy & art…

  40. Laura Johnson says:

    I am a long time customer of Jack in the box. Most recently I’ve noticed the eggs in the morning menu sandwiches are scrambled. They used to be a hard fried egg. Please change back to the old way of the hard fried egg.
    Thank you,

  41. Radien says:

    Y’know, it’s funny how people respond to controversy over media by quoting the first amendment and telling us to be quiet. Basically that amounts to “enjoy your freedom of speech and shut up!”

    The reason people complain about this kind of thing makes a lot more sense when you actually know a little person or dwarf. I have a friend who is a dwarf, and the repercussions of this kind of media treatment are that everybody treats her like a toy, particularly children. She has a GREAT sense of humor, but after awhile even she gets sick of being picked up by strangers.

    As for movies like the The Wizard of Oz… no, I don’t hate the makers of it, because at the time they didn’t know any better. But like many things, it’s indicative of a frame of mind that we should be growing out of at this point. Likewise, just because you can convince a few dwarves to do something doesn’t mean they represent all dwarves.

    As for this commercial, my main complaint is the chipmunk voiceover. The rest is borderline.

    If this comment kills your profound enjoyment of a burger chain advertisement… uh… sorry, I guess?

  42. Joe Momma says:

    Who gives a damn about the damn midgets! They are what sells the effing commercial. All you people STANDING up for the midgets need to calm the hell down. Let them be who they are and let them RISE to what they were born to be…entertainment.

  43. Aniya says:

    Entertainment? YOU, Joe Momma, must be a source of entertainment for those who know you. They must find your obvious lack of intellect hillarious!! I know I do. Those who find the commercial to be funny are of very little compassion. It IS offensive! As a black woman, I would be completely offended if Jack in the Box were selling sweet potatoe pies and showed black people sitting on their front porch swings. The time has come to stop finding amusement in those who are different. Grow up!

  44. Stan says:

    Why don’t you idiots complain to TLC? They currently have TWO reality shows about midget families. They’re tiny, speak in high pitched voice, take 15 steps for every 1 step a person of average height takes and generally provide tall viewers hours of entertainment with their day-to-day activities.

    Shame on you for wanting to throw midgets out of work!

    I’m off to buy Aunt Jemima pancake syrupand Uncle Ben’s converted rice. Now, go and complain to President Obama.

  45. Kelsi says:

    I have to say, this commercial bothers me to no end. First of all i’m really short, but i can appreciate midget actors, so let’s not go accusing me of trying to put a herd of little people in the poor house. However, as a vertically challenged individual i AM irritated by the fact that everyone seems to sing that retarded song whenever i walk past. It’s not funny. It’s not good advertising. It’s almost as bad as the gay stove from Arby’s or the King popping up in bed beside people with breakfast. *Shudders*

  46. Kate says:

    Mary, FYI, Little People actually IS the correct term. Do your homework before you call everyone morons. To everyone else who agrees with her, maybe ask a little person how they feel about it before just assuming that it is NOT offensive to them? A friend of mine is REALLY upset by this . . . it’s not like she doesn’t have to deal with people discriminating all the time anyway, and NOW she has to hear people singing that freaking song all the time. Who are YOU to determine what is not offensive to people????

  47. 4_Da_Lulz says:

    Lol @ you folks and your misguided attempt to “defend” the actors in the commercial. Without the entertainment industry, most ”little people” wouldn’t have work, and for as much as it may be “degrading” to them in your heads, those dwarfs probably made more from that one commercial than than any of you do in a year.

    And this isn’t “stereotyping” like throwing gay people into a show and having them act super queenie as they give straight guys make-overs, or having black people in a show portraying the most thuggy ghetto gangsta characters imaginable, because there’s no stereotype here to make… dwarfs -are- short.

    Now, if they made an ad or movie that painted all dwarfs as evil minions of Satan waiting in the shadows to bite the faces off of tall people, then yeah, that would be a negative portrayal.

  48. pagan_and_proud says:

    Really? There is a pathetic excuse for a human who doesn’t see how completely hysterical these commercials are??? “Herding cows the size of Schnauzers, but they’re cattle”… good gods, people, learn to LAUGH again!!!!!

    And the burgers are fucking AMAZING!

    Seriously, go eat some ice cream or a cookie, or wank to your fave porn star… whatever it takes to get you to crack a smile again.

    My best friend is a dwarf, and she LOVES these ads, and why???? BECAUSE THEY’RE FUNNY!!!! NOT A SOCIAL STATEMENT !!!!

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