Have You Spotted the Taco Bell Truck?

A Taco Bell Truck is on a little west coast/mid-west tour and is handing out FREE grub in the process. They are of course also handing out other promotional swag.  They have made their way from the West coast and have stopped outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis.  There’s a huge tie in with the 2009 Major League Baseball All-Star Game being held Tuesday July 14th.

Taco Bell Truck
You can go to their twitter page for more info.  My only encounter with the Taco Bell Truck has been through stalking it on Twitter.  🙁

Have you spotted the Taco Bell Truck?

One comment on “Have You Spotted the Taco Bell Truck?

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Even that Taco Bell food poisoning I had isn’t enough for me to pass up free food. It tastes better that way. But, nope, I haven’t seen the truck.

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