Gimmeyummy Caves In…

Jamie Susan runs the food blog Gimmeyummy.  Recent stress and a busy schedule contributed to her recently succumbing to the golden arches.  The McDonald’s breakfast Chicken Biscuit.  Check out her site.


5 comments on “Gimmeyummy Caves In…

  1. Gawd that looks amazing! I would never eat it though.

  2. Aw man. Now everyone will know about my fast food sinfullness.

  3. rob says:

    It’s my favorite of their breakfast sandwiches, you’d think it would be kind of dry but it isn’t.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    It’s a shame you had to have the “Colden Arches” version. It’s a cheap imitation of the Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit. They put the McDonald’s version to shame.

  5. I must say…..I never eat breakfast at fast food joints (oatmeal EVERY morning), on occasion I’ve had them and the McGriddle hands down was the most incredibly mouth watering breakfast sandwich I have EVER consumed.

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