Food News: Wendy’s Boneless Wings

Burgers, fries and chicken nuggets are staples of the fast food world.  Wendy’s has decided to dress up the run of the mill chicken nuggets with their New! Boneless Wings.  It’s always nice to have some variety, and the new “wings” come in three varieties: Bold Buffalo, Honey BBQ and Sweet and Spicy Asian.  Each of the varieties are lightly breaded pieces of 100% breast meat.  You can expect to get 7 to 9 pieces depending on the size of the morsels.

Wendy's Boneless Wings

The wings, made with 100-percent breast meat, will be lightly breaded and hand-tossed in one of three sauces, Wendy’s said in a statement. The 6,623-unit chain will begin promoting the Sweet & Spicy Asian choice in national advertising scheduled to launch June 22. The other flavor options will be promoted later in the year, said Wendy’s spokesman Bob Bertini.

The boneless wings cost $3.99 on their own or $5.69 when purchased as a combo. The price seems a little steep when you can get 10 nuggets for $2 and change.  So basically they are charging another $2 for the sauce and possibly some fancy new packaging.  Maybe the new items are noticably bigger.  I’m a big fan of Wendy’s in general and am looking forward to giving these a try.

19 comments on “Food News: Wendy’s Boneless Wings

  1. Not only might you get new packaging you get that cool new “Asian” logo! I mean come one, that alone justifies the price point.

    I’m only kidding…that’s a heck of a lot to charge for some sugary sauce. I do think they use better chicken than in their nuggets but I may be wrong in that assumption. Anyone know?

    P.S. Go Penguins…using your logic (rooting for the Wings by eating wings), here’s a pic (not for the squeamish):

  2. Ryan says:

    Those penguins are pretty bitter watching their boy get grubbed on.

  3. No One says:

    The Wendy’s restaurants in my area no longer offer 5 piece nuggets for $.99; instead, they offer 4 for $.99 and 6 for $1.39.

  4. James says:

    Would that be considered cannibalism?

  5. Spark says:

    I love KFCs Boneless BBQ wings, they are my favorite! I would gladly pay the extra $2 for white meat pieces as opposed to mashed chicken nugget-shaped pieces!

  6. Bear Silber says:

    @James – I think it’d be like a Grizzly eating a Koala (not really a bear) ….so I’m gonna go with no. I don’t really think of a penguin as a bird (yes, yes, I know it is technically….but it doesn’t fly….and it swims, wtf?)

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    They’ve had these at the Wendy’s in my town for a while. The chicken is DEFINITELY different and of better quality than the nuggets. I’m not a big fan of their nuggets anyway. I’ve had the asian flavor, and it’s pretty good. It can’t beat the Asian Zing sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings, though.

  8. Kristopher says:

    I just had the buffalo and the honey bbq and I was pleased. The nuggets are definitely an upgrade from their standard nuggets. I’ll try the spicy asian later this week.

  9. john says:

    @adam bomb… would you say these are worth the price? you mentioned they’re good… and i’d love to try them, but i can be a bit cheap at times.

  10. Adam Bomb says:

    John: Are they worth it? As a combo: yes, I think so. Compared to combo prices at other fast food joints, $5.69 for the chicken, fries, and a soda isn’t an unfair price. You should give them a shot 🙂

  11. TootyFrooty says:

    Ok, that picture was gnarly.

    Bear: Lots of birds swim… Swans, ducks, geese… even a chicken would probably swim, if’n it had to. Breast stroke, probably.

  12. Chris says:

    Yes it is a completely different chicken, it kinda tastes like the old chicken strips.

    But they are definantly worth giving a try, all three of the flavors are very nice, and the wings by themselves are good too!!

    But I have heard a few people complain about the size of some of the wings, since they are randomly cut and there are alot of very small pieces in there, so I guess it depends on what size they throw in there for you.

  13. cress says:

    These are GREAT. And I only eat at Wendys about three times a year. It kinda tastes like General Tso’ chicken, but the sauce is SO MUCH BETTER. It is sweet with a great amount of heat. If you want a quick asian-centric fix, get these. And they add so much sauce to these, you will have a nice bowl of flavor for anything else you want to dip into it.

  14. Jer says:

    it’s not processed chicken they actually use real meat. who eats those spongy nuggets anyway

  15. kev says:

    don’t believe food on commercials, just look at this from Wendy’s

  16. Bgirl says:

    I just tried the buffalo style today and feel like a fool. I’m not one to believe ads but the photos show nice white meat cubes. What I got are flat rectangular dry pieces. They might be real breast pieces but the flavor of the coating competed even with the fiery buffalo sauce (which was actually good btw). They reminded me of their strips but not in a good way. Over $6 for the combo – I feel ripped off and wrote them to tell them so. Don’t bother. Go to your local Chinese place and get the pieces there.

  17. dolemite says:

    $4 is ridiculous. I was very close to walking next door to Chick-Fil-A, my all-time favorite. I gave in and was miserably disappointed. The chicken was horrible; cold in the center, and it was rubbery. The sauce was waaaaaay too salty and there wasn’t enough of it. I don’t see these boneless wings being around much longer. This drove me away from Wendys, a place I always enjoyed. Now, the portions are smaller, the prices are going up (few items are $1 on the ‘dollar’ menu, which I bet will change to value menu), and the quality of the food is declining. The only thing that may save Wendys are its loyal customers and those $3 value combos, which are basically just three $1 menu items… no real break-through.

  18. Janie says:

    I have had these at two different Wendys and in both instances they were their regular 5 for .99 nuggets tossed with sauce. The pictures and advertising are misleading the the product is terrible. Everyone I know who has tried them in several different states have all said the same as me. Shame on you Wendys.

  19. Jonathan says:

    Real breast meat processed chicken – what else would it be – fake chicken? What a rip off, $3.99 for 5 chicken nuggets drowned in a sugary chipolte sauce. Looks nothing like the advertised pictures. How can those pass for boneless wings? Wendy’s is just not the same since Dave Thomas died.

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