Food News: Wendy’s $2.99 Deluxe Value Meals

“Deluxe” seems to be a word that is being used a lot over at Wendy’s these days.  The delicious Bacon Deluxe burger has been out for a couple months now but the $3.99 and up price tag puts Wendy’s in need of a better value.  A couple of $2.99 Deluxe Value Meals will remedy the situation.  Both meals include Small Fries and Small Drink.

  • Double Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe: “Try our hot ‘n juicy burger sizzled just right with fresh, never frozen, North American beef* and topped with all of your fresh favorites: hand-leafed lettuce, sliced beefsteak tomato, onion slices and dill pickles. Did we mention American cheese? And the $2.99 price tag?”
  • Crispy Chicken Deluxe: “Taste our dressed up, all white-meat chicken patty with thick Applewood Smoked Bacon, American cheese, creamy mayonnaise and fresh, hand-cut lettuce and tomato. It’s a full-flavored festival for your mouth. And the price is something to celebrate, too.”

Wendy's Deluxe Value Measl $2.99

10 comments on “Food News: Wendy’s $2.99 Deluxe Value Meals

  1. Justin says:

    Wendy’s and Arby’s must be hurting bad with the economy. I’ve seen combo meals upwards of six to eight dollars at these places. They need to realize their target price points are about $5 for value meals. I can go to better restaurants for $8-10.

    The new value meals and menus are proof there is a shift at this restaurants. Possibly, they’ll have to ditch things like the “Fresh never frozen” policies and “premium meats” in order to return to these prices.

  2. Corey says:

    I agree with Justin above. It puts a bad taste in my mouth when I can order a quality sushi meal for the same amount I spend on a burger, fries, and a drink at a fast-food restaurant.

    These aren’t gourmet burgers, just something assembled by some under-paid employee. In fact, I often find myself spending just as much when I go to Umami Burger here in LA. That’s true quality.

  3. Katie Ann says:

    I’ve always gotten a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger combo with a small fries and small frosty (for dipping, of course) for $2.99. I’m not sure they even advertise that, but that’s always how it rings up. Considering how tiny the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger has gotten, these seem like a pretty good value.

  4. Raiders757 says:

    Count me in as one who agrees with Justin and Cory. It really gets under my skin how much these places are charging of a combo these days. THere would be no need for a dollar mnue if they kept their regular meals at a decent price. I think Subway nailed it with the $5 price point. When I go to a quick serve joint, I am really looking to keep my spending somewhere around five dollars or less.

  5. Adam Bomb says:

    This is really only semi-related, but I wanted to share with fellow foodies:

    I just ate some Wendy’s french fries, and they were the best I’ve ever had from there. They were top-notch for Wendy’s. But no, I didn’t get one of the $2.99 value meals. It was a double cheeseburger with onions, ketchup and mayo. Mmmmmm…

  6. drpep says:

    I agree with the above. When I can can go to a local bar and get a delicious burger, fries and Pepsi for $6.25 why pay $5 plus tax at Wendys?

  7. drpep says:

    I forgto to ad to above. I now sound like my father when I walk into Wendys with a friend and whine that the #1 combo (single, fries, drink) was $2.99 at one time.

  8. rightclue says:

    well drpep:

    Kids obviously cannot enter bars.

    Other individuals may be too busy to go to their favorite watering holes.

    Or perhaps some people just want a quick and cheap lunch!

  9. rsan says:

    News Flash! Just went to my local Wendy’s today and now the Deluxe Value Meals which were $2.99 are now $3.99! Ah, there goes the economy again!

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