Food News: The Taco Bell Fresco Menu

Taco Bell is always adding new items to its lineup such as it’s new Volcano Big Box menu.  Most of the new Volcano items aren’t the most healthful foods but that’s fine.  You shouldn’t go into making a choice like that expecting it to be good for your diet, you should just expect something tasty.  The Volcano Double Beef Burrito leads the calorie laden way with 800 calories and a whopping 42 grams of fat.  It’s good to know that Taco Bell goes in the total opposite direction with its Fresco menu.


There are eight offerings on the Fresco menu, 4 tacos and 4 burritos with none of the items having more than 8 grams of fat or more than 330 calories. Not bad for fast food.  The tacos and burritos on the Fresco (fresco is spanish for fresh) menu look a lot like the standard tacos and burritos of the past.  The new items simply omit the cheese and any sour cream or dressing that topped the originals.  The Fresco tacos will contain your standard meat (chicken, steak or beef), lettuce and fiesta salsa (which is basically pico de gallo), while Fresco burritos add beans, onions and in one case rice.  In my opinion, lettuce and pico de gallo is more than enough to top a taco or burrito if it includes good quality meat, but coming from a fast food spot, is it enough?  The Fresco menu looks like a tasty and healthy fast food addition to the fast food world.  This menu has been around for a while but until just recently, I’ve seen it advertised better on the Taco Bell menu boards.  If you have have given it a try let GrubGrade know how it is.

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  1. Marvo says:

    I’ve tried some of the Fresco menu items and I think they satisfied my Taco Bell cravings. Although I really wish they would come out with a Fresco Crunchwrap.

    I love Crunchwraps.

  2. ultradave says:

    yeah wow, marvo nailed it — bring on the Fresco Crunchwrap!

    that aside, the fresco stuff is semi-tasty. i don’t have that “UGG GOD KILL ME” feeling that normally follows ingestion of Taco Bell items. I mean, yeah, I still wanna die but just a little bit.

  3. Chaz says:

    I’m going to check out some of these items. I’ve been meaning to. Looks good.

  4. Adam says:

    Do you order these seperatly, or do you just order a regular item and say “Fresco, por favor?” I only ask because I’m not shelling out extra cash to buy something that I could buy cheaper on the Value Member and just have them take customize with no cheese or whatnot.

  5. Good question Adam. They are taking away cheese and sour cream, but the price remains the same. Not sure if Pico makes up for it from a price/cost standpoint, but who knows. Plus, if I order a regular hard shell taco and then “fresco” it, the only swap would be cheese for pico? Is there such a thing as Taco Supreme Fresco? Not sure how to navigate this menu.

    I have been tempted to try the Fresco menu, but when I go to TB, I usually want the real deal! Either way, bravo for TB to have this menu in the first place and thanks James for the reminder.

  6. Colin says:

    I’ve been on the Fresco menu for a long time now (before they ever advertised a *full* menu for the concept) and I really enjoy it. I mean, you shouldn’t *probably* be making a run for the Boarder with health food in-mind, but I’ve never had a bad experience with any of the Fresco-style options they have.

  7. A grilled steak soft taco at 180 calories ain’t bad!

    They never make stuff cheaper to take it off….just more to add it. Try getting a cheaper Double Cheeseburger at McD’s without the cheese……out at RoundTable a combo with no Bells…it’s still the same…yet add bacon to either and the price goes up. You can usually get by on the sauces though…adding the volcano sauce for instance 🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    I always order from the Taco Bell Fresco Menu! It really is delicious, and you don’t miss the cheese or anything. You can actually get anything on the menu “Fresco style.” Just the other day I had a Tostada that way, and it was really good! You can go on their website and see the calories of anything made “Fresco style.” It saves fat and calories, which at Taco Bell, can really add up! You should give it a try.

  9. Its good to see people had positive experiences. I am skeptical. Im going to have to try this out for myself.

    I try to limit my Taco Bell intake to twice a year and when I do end up going, I go large. Like El Guapo large. Ya, know “burned the village, rode off on the women, plundered, and pruned” large.

    So Im wondering whether the less calories without sacrificing experience will mean I can rock the bell more often now.

  10. Keith says:

    I love that you guys cover Taco Bell so much. Seriously! It’s by far my greatest fast food guilty pleasure and you beat EVERYONE to the punch when came to the new Volcano Burrito review. The fresco menu means more Taco Bell for everyone… but yeah, let me join in and say “where’s the fresco crunchwrap?”

    Or the Volcano crunchwrap for that matter.

  11. Raiders757 says:

    I went to Taco Bell today and looked over the Fresco Menu, but didn’t get anything. I think I my try the regular taco next time, all be it, I have never found Taco Bell “pico” to be all that great. I wonder how much it jacks things up when I add a packet each of hot and mild sauce?

    One thing I noticed, and thought rather odd. It the “new” chicken soft taco is ten cent cheaper than a regular soft taco. I’ve never understood the reason soft tacos being ten cents more to begin with. Now with the chicken version of the same thing, it really makes no sense at all.

  12. Sally says:

    I’ve tried some of the items on the alfresco menu and I think it’s great. Very tasty and satisfying and it’s great knowing I’m not getting all the extra calories and fat.

  13. val says:

    I love the concept of a fresco menu, and the bean burrito is only a dollar @ 330 calories and 7 grams of fat, BUT the filling is almost soupy and the diced onions are really abundant. I can’t imagine a filler added to beans, but it seems suspicious. The chicken fresco burrito is bigger and quite good, but on the nutrition site the salt is very high. You just can’t win. I’m back to buying my own ingredients, healthier meats, and adding avocados for healthy fat. After all, how hard is it to make a burrito?

  14. JG says:

    The Fresco menu only shows a certain amount of items, but you can ask for anything to be Fresco style at no extra charge. All sauces (except for red sauce and pizza sauce) and cheese will be removed from the item and replaced with Fiesta salsa (aka Pico).

    Also, there is no such thing as a Fresco Taco Supreme. They cancel each other out.

  15. Cyn says:

    Only a good option if you REALLY need some fast food when ur on a diet. This stuff has LOADS of salt in it which doesnt make for good diet food. Maybe a decent cheat food item?

  16. I’ve been eating healthier, and dropping pounds as a result, and my wife brought me home 3 of the soft chicken fresco tacos home today. This is the second time I’ve had them.

    To be honest, I think I prefer the fresco tacos over the regular ones with the cheese. The cheese and sour cream don’t add much in the way of flavor when you factor in that the veggie mix in the fresco tacos is pretty tasty. The only thing I don’t get is the race home to get to the bathroom which isn’t missed.

    I see a few people talking about wanting a Fresco Crunch Wrap Supreme and while I agree that I loved that crunch wrap, it just wouldn’t work with the fresco menu. What you would be doing is combining a Crunchy Fresco Taco and a Fresco Bean Burrito which is going to make that thing weight in at 15 grams of fat, defeating the purpose of the 8 grams or less Fresco Menu.

    Chris Elliott

  17. katie says:

    if you can’t have something fresco and surpreme, why do they state this on their website? I just went there and ordered the doritos taco locos, one fresco and one fresco surpreme and they were exactly the same. I’m so confused.

    It states that, For people looking for lower-calorie, lower-fat options, Doritos Locos Tacos is available Fresco Style with 140 calories and 7g total fat or Supreme with 150 calories and 7g total fat.

  18. Chelsea says:


    You technically can have a supreme item turned into Fresco. Using your example, the Doritos Locos Taco Supreme is an original Doritos Locos Taco (beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese) with sour cream and tomatoes added. Making it a Fresco Doritos Locos Taco Supreme would contain beef, lettuce, Fiesta salsa, and tomatoes. Either the employee forgot to add tomatoes to your supreme or it could’ve been easily missed seeing the Fiesta Salsa contains tomatoes too.

  19. Lew says:

    Should note that the Fresco items are high in sodium, for those watching their salt.

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