Food News: Taco Bell 1/2 Pounders

DOUBLE THE BEEF! Taco Bell is great for coming out with something new all the time.  This time around they bring us some Half Pound Burritos to satisfy your appetite.  Boasting double the beef and coming in a variety of 3.  Take a look.

Half Pound Burritos from Taco Bell

New! Nacho Crunch Burrito: A warm flour tortilla loaded with a double portion of seasoned ground beef and filled with warm nacho cheese sauce, juicy tomatoes, reduced fat sour cream and crunchy red tortilla strips.  Serving Size: 234 grams, 520 calories, 25 grams of fat

New! Cheesy Potato Burrito: A warm flour tortilla loaded with a double portion of seasoned ground beef and filled with crispy golden potatoes, warm nacho cheese sauce, and reduced fat sour cream.  Serving Size: 248 grams, 530 calories, 25 grams of fat

Combo Burrito: A warm flour tortilla loaded with a double portion of seasoned ground beef and filled with hearty beans, onions, cheddar cheese, and tangy red sauce.  Serving Size: 241 grams, 450 calories, 17 grams of fat

23 comments on “Food News: Taco Bell 1/2 Pounders

  1. Any idea on $$ and launch dates?

  2. Yum Yucky says:

    I want to eat that. I must repent

  3. Ryan says:

    Prices seem to always vary but they avg out to around 2bucks…they are out already in my hood.

  4. Wow that is w lot of food! 😛 Must find a device to expand my stomach so I can consume!

  5. kaitis says:

    Yeah they’re in Florida too, all my burritos were 1.99 if that helps.

  6. Ryan says:

    1/2 isn’t really all that big…a typical Chipotle burrito is well over a pound…and of course must be accompanied by some chips and guacamole. Check out We Rate Stuff for their impressions on the Nacho Crunch 1/2 Pounder.

  7. brad says:

    I ate a nacho crunch 1/2 pounder, and I couldn’t believe it was half a pound, if it even was. It was about the size of their 89 cent grilled chicken burrito, with beef, nacho cheese, sour cream, tortilla strips, and tomatoes.

  8. Ryan says:

    Yeah Brad, I think the name “Half Pounder” just sounds big. Like when you catch a fish and say “yeah I caught a half pounder!!!”…sounds kinda like a bigger deal than it is…the “pounder” word. I figured these wouldn’t be that different from the typical value menu burrito but for $1.99.

  9. Colin says:

    Why does Taco Bell always do this to me? They’re like an abusive spouse I always return to.

  10. Justin says:

    Very nice…how much?

  11. Raiders757 says:

    The one filled with taters sounds good, but we’re supposed ot be going o na low sodium diet around my house. I have a feeling one of those will account for half of my daily intake. No matter. Even if I went to a Taco Bell with the intentions of trying one, I’m too cheap to pull the trigger. I’ll end up with the same old order I always get.

  12. chris says:

    The cheesy beef one looks exactly like the beef and potatoe burrito they used to have. too bad they didnt throw the 1/2lb bean burrito on there. that thing minus red sauce +sour cream was amazing. mmm.

  13. ChrisSh says:

    Okay, so I hadn’t eaten yet today as of 5 PM 🙁 and was quite hungry, so I decided I would get one of each of these burritos, eat two for dinner and one for a snack later in the evening.

    First, I had the combo burrito. It was pretty good, but seemed like it was missing something. Maybe sour cream? It was really filling, but again, nothing too impressive.

    Second, I went with the nacho crunch. This was really good! So good in fact that since I was full halfway through it, I decided to save the rest so I could fully enjoy it later. I imagine this will be my favorite of the three. It was loaded with cheese and the chips did give it a nice crunch.

    So… I will report back later tonight with how the reheated 1/2 nacho crunch and cheesy potato ones taste. I will also report how my body feels after eating nothing all day, then eating 1,500 calories of Taco Bell in the evening/night and nothing else. I figure the horrible unhealthiness of that is at least partially offset by only having 1,500 calories today (I always just drink water).

  14. shnookie bear says:

    i tried the nacho crunch one tonight. let me just say 1 word “wow” this was so tasty i almost cried. this is the kind of burrito i have dreams about. so much beef, nacho cheese and the tortilla red strips added the perfect crunch. every now and again a burrito comes along that touches the heart of man kind…. this my friends is that burrito and what dreams are made of.

  15. Ivane says:

    Just and the nacho crunch burrito and I thought it was really good!

  16. Screwed says:

    This was Taco Bell’s RIP OFF attempt to mask their price increases! The 1/2 combo burrito was 99 cents at one time. It was also a lot bigger when it was on the value menu. Then earlier this summer they moved it off the value menu and raised it 39 cents and now it’s $2.00 AND it’s smaller. Taco Bell sucks, their price increases are B.S. and so are their so called NEW 1/2 pounders…

  17. Brat says:

    Where’s the beef? I just ate one of these and it was some meat swimming in nacho cheese and sour cream. The “crunchy strips” were soggy. Definately not as meaty and fulfilling as I had hoped…wont have it again. Better off ordered two items off the value menu, you will get more for your money.

  18. Alex says:

    These burritos are a rip off. Just get a grilled stuffed burrito if you wanna get full. 1.99 is a way too much for one of these bad boys. The regular combo one was like getting a regular soft taco and they were generous with the beef. RIP OFF!!!

  19. TeenFoody says:

    I’ve tried the nacho crunch and the cheesy potato.
    Actually, i needed a triple-layer nachos AND one burrito, and I’m a 15 year old girl ! Not that big at all.

  20. Donkey says:

    I ate the cheesy potato burrito and the nacho crunch in one sitting, no problem. I’m glad I got it to go because I was tempted to get another, maybe the combo one, to round out the order… but my FA doesn’t need it.

    Nacho Crunch- my favorite. The strips were not very crunchy by the time I got home, but the beef was definitely double portion.

    Cheesy Potato- not quite as good, and I could tell there was less beef. I would rather have the old tater-totish potatoes they used to have.

  21. james says:

    to teenyfoody:
    you’re probably a 15 year old american girl, which means you dont have a small apetite, american girls mostly are HUGE, and your title suggests you love food , so there you go , your diet is possibly thrice than what i have :p

  22. dave says:

    to james:
    you’re probably a runty inactive sloth if you think a meal that consists of those two items (approx 890 calories) is so much as to be 3x your dietary needs. I am not overweight, not a particularly large person, and the calories from these two menu items are only 1/3rd of my RDA for calories. Certainly it can fit into the diet of a growing teenager, especially one that skimps on breakfast as most do these days.

    … but, that’d be using logic and science and with this being the internet, well we can’t have any of that.

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