Food News: Spicy Queso Toasted Double Melt from Checkers

Checkers has a spicy new toasted melt on the menu and it looks pretty delicious.  To go along with the American Tosted Double Melt, Checkers has come out with a new Spicy Queso Toasted Double Melt.  “Two hand-seared all beef patties, fired up with creamy queso and melty pepper jack cheese, then loaded with crunchy fire sticks.”  All this deliciousness in between a couple slices of toasted sourdough bread.  Count me in.  If that doesn’t interest you, maybe go for the Classic American Toasted Double Melt, which is a more traditional grilled onions and cheese combo.  My local Checkers has them advertised at 2 for $5 so go on and sample both of them. 😀

Checkers Toasted Double Melts

2 comments on “Food News: Spicy Queso Toasted Double Melt from Checkers

  1. Dan B. says:

    When I was talking to my dad the other day, he mentioned he stopped at Rally’s and saw these sandwiches and had to try one, and he loved it. On Saturday, I happened to be near a Rally’s, so I had to stop and try one, obviously. The Spicy Queso melt is pretty tasty! It packs a little bit of heat between the queso and breaded and fried peppers, but it’s nothing too strong. The spice is more for flavor as opposed to heat. It’s a bit messy thanks to the queso and the greasy nature of Rally’s/Checkers burgers. However, it’s pretty filling, so I wouldn’t really recommend trying to eat both sandwiches at once unless you’re on a seriously empty stomach.

  2. wibia says:

    Fast food melts are usually pretty bad. I had one at Rallys probably 2 years ago and I hope these are better. 2/$5 is not bad. The Friso Burger from Hardee’s is kind of a Melt, and it is muy tasty!

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