Food News: New! Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut

New from Pizza Hut comes Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza.  Created with a “ring of melty cheese baked right into our golden crispy Pan Pizza crust”.

America’s favorite Pan Pizza.  Awesome.  Add a Ring of Cheese.  Awesomer.

I figured stuffed crust was old territory…been there, done that.  I guess as Pan Pizzas go, this is a new thing.  For a limited time it’s being offered at $10.99 for a 1-topping large.

Anyone interested in trying it?

Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut

12 comments on “Food News: New! Stuffed Crust Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut

  1. ratbuddy says:

    Mmmm. I’ll be grabbing one soon. I love the stuffed crust pizza except for the sweeter sauce they use with it. This sounds just perfect.

    Unrelated, did they change the personal pan pizza dough lately? Last one I got was leathery and dense. Usually it’s nice and crispy and fluffy.

  2. Adam Bomb says:

    meh. The only time I go to the Hut anymore is when I take my boys there for dinner. We get a Pizza Mia, breadsticks, and sodas.

  3. maxchain says:

    Huh, it made sense until I saw the picture. Eh, I think I’ll sit this one out.

  4. ratbuddy says:

    Yeah, I went to order one last night. Made the mistake of looking at the nutrition info. It’s around 500 calories a slice, 4000+ for a pizza. No thank you.

  5. The Hut Eater says:

    It’s not really stuff crust. They just added a ring of cheese before the crust. Usually where cheese normally is? … Not worth all the hype if you ask me. /shrug.
    Definitely dissapointed.

  6. Raiders757 says:

    I worked at a Pizza Hut back in the 80’s as a pizza maker. Before I left each night, I had to pump grease in the pan pizza pans. It blew my mind just how much grease that gets put in the bottom of the pan for the dough to soak up. A good quarter inch, maybe slightly less. Never-the-less, it was a lot. I really have a hard time eating pan pizza to this day because of that.

    In the case of the stuffed crust pizza. I remember when they came out the first time around, and I tried one while dining in. It was really good. A few weeks later I ordered one for delivery. It was terrible. The stuffed crust pizza then disappeared for a while, and then one year, returned. I tried it again twice, and it was nasty. The current version even worse than the first version.

    In all honesty, Pizza hut has gone way down hill over the bast two decades. It’s just not the same as it used to be back in the early 70’s & 80’s. The other chain pizza joints aren’t all the great either, but I’ll eat their pizza from time to time when I get a really good deal. Still, nothing beats a good ol’ mom & pop shop pizza. It’s worth paying that little bit extra for something that just blows these imitators away. That, or making your own from scratch.

    i must add, that i ma wondering when we’re going to get a review of Little Caesars Hot-n-Ready pizza. With the kid having been out of school all summer, I’ve taken advantage of this cheap alternative when bringing her and her friends home some lunch.

  7. cress says:

    I like the Hut(I guess thats what the moron ad execs are calling it now). I love their it. And their “reimagined” Thin N Crispy is very good too. So this past weekend, I wanted pizza, which I haven’t had in about 8 months, so I oredered from Papa Johns.
    I like Papa Johns a lot. For a semi-large chain, they have very good pizza. But this pie was bad. I was actually kicking my self that I didn’t get a Pizza Hut pie.
    Most of the time, Pizza Hut does pizza right(at least by me).
    I know Bear is laughing at this somewhere.

  8. anonamous says:

    I work at pizza hut now (as a cook). the stuffed crust pan is good, or atleast i thought so, But as far as oil in the pans, we dont put that much in there, im guessing that that is just one of those things that has changed over time. while there is an open top to the crust the cheese is indeed in the curst.

  9. jason says:

    I work at papa johns and this one time a pizza hut driver (obviously stoned) walked right in the store and asked us where we kept the aerosol cans to make the cheese stuffed pizzas. He saw the expresions on our faces and snapped back into reality when he found out it was the wrong store. Nonetheless I will never eat any stuffed crust pizzas from pizza hut. In the commercial for this new product they showed a literal ring of cheese that the set on the pizza, I don’t even wanna know how they make that thing. Little ceasers all the way!!! Pepperoni pizza is cheaper there than to buy one from pj’s even with my 50% discount

  10. Anonymous says:

    I worked at Pizza Hut from 1994-1998 as a Delivery Driver, and from 2000-2008 as a Restaurant General Manager, for both franchise and corporate units.

    In Jason’s post, he mentions something about an aerosol can being used to make cheese stuffed pizzas. Besides spraying the pans with food release so the dough won’t stick, it’s not like they use anything but string cheese to stuff the crusts.

    Also, they cut the amount of oil they use for their pan pizzas by a squirt each. They use a blue pump which squirts out about 1.5 oz (approximately 3 Tablespoons of vegetable oil). The specs used to be 2 squirts for a medium 12″ and 3 for a large 14″ pizza, which was quite excessive. They did reduce that to 1 squirt for mediums and 2 for larges, which is still too much if you ask me. I always referred to Pan Pizza as “America’s favorite deep fried pizza” for that reason.

    At my store, I didn’t follow those specs. Rather, I used a brush to make sure the whole bottom of the pan was coated (as to eliminate the problem of the dough sticking) so it ended up being about a tablespoon only of oil. People used to rave about how much better the food tasted at my unit. The reasons I changed the specs were two fold- better, less greasy product and food cost reduction. Using only about 1/3 of the oil as other Pizza Huts and pleasing my customers with a better tasting pie meant higher profits and increased sales.

    However, one thing I really disagree with is the use of sucralose (Splenda) in their handtossed crust without really making much of a mention of it. I first noticed this change in September of 2008 if I remember correctly. Why would they use Splenda instead of sugar when Splenda is more expensive? Considering Splenda is a chemical relative of DDT and the medium Pizza Mia is $5, I’m sure a conspiracy theorist could come to the conclusion it’s a secret program to sterilize America’s trailer parks.

    In reality, I believe it has something to do with coming legislation that will require nutrition info to be listed on menu boards in fast food restaurants. It seems Yum is working to reduce the calories of some of their products in all their restaurants, as evidenced by grilled chicken at KFC and Fresco Style tacos and burritos, in anticipation of this legislation.

    Whether using things such as Splenda in their handtossed will cause problems for their customers remain to be seen, as Splenda hasn’t been tested effectively. I actually became aware of sucralose as causing problems when I drank energy drinks containing it and began to feel numbness developing after about a month of drinking 1-2 energy drinks per day. I thought I was developing Multiple Sclerosis because of the symptoms that completely stopped once I eliminated the drinks from my diet.

    One other health factor that has stopped me from eating out almost altogether is the prevalence of MSG in processed foods. Disguised as “autolyzed yeast extract”, “hydrolyzed soy, wheat, or corn proteins”, “natural flavors”, etc., MSG is an excitotoxin found in Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Little Caesar’s products.

    Avoid McDonald’s completely if you’re concerned about your health-

  11. Derek says:

    Im not impressed. The old stuffed crust was way better. Seems like they did this to cut costs or something. Well they cut me as a customer with this one. Next time i will get a frozen stuffed crust pizza, with the cheese on the inside

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