Food News: New Peach Milkshake from Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A is offering a new milkshake flavor for a limited time.  The Peach Milkshake is only available for the summer months.  So June 1st sort of being the unofficial “1st day Spring” until August 22nd.  Nice change from the Peppermint Milkshake that has stuck around for what seems like forever.  (Note to CFA, bring back the Caramel Coffee Milkshake!!!  It was excellent)  My regular Cookies and Cream Shake might take a back seat while I give the new Peach Shake a try.

The Peach Milkshake is made with real peaches and, as with the chain’s year-round milkshake flavors, is hand-spun with Chick-fil-A’s popular “home-style” Icedream® and topped with light whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Peach Milkshake from Chick-fil-A

Oh and finally you have a smaller choice of shake too…a 14oz small ($2.49) which clocks in at 720 calories and 19 grams of fat.  The 20oz large ($2.89) has 850 calories and 21 grams of fat.

This new shake might go well with some CFA Nuggets

12 comments on “Food News: New Peach Milkshake from Chick-fil-A

  1. Justin says:

    Any recommendations for which chain makes the best shakes? I’m undergoing a procedure next month (don’t google sinus lift unless you hate yourself) and plan to try many different milkshakes. It’s been ages since I’ve had one.

    • Ryan says:

      @ Justin … Good luck with the procedure. Personally, I love CFA milkshakes. It’s tough to mess up a milkshake but as far as fastfood milkshakes go Chick-fil-A has the best. Arby’s Jamocha Shake is awesome and their new Chocolate Swirl Shake is pretty good. McDonald’s has ok shakes but I prefer their Oreo McFlurry. I don’t think I’ve ever had a shake from Burger King. Roy Rogers used to have an awesome Butterfinger Shake back in the day. I have yet to try the new Frosty at Wendy’s…(I know it’s not a milkshake but it looks really good) Not a milkshake but the Fruitista Freezes from Taco Bell are decent.

  2. Angie says:

    I went with my mom today to Chick Fil A and she bought the shake. She loves their shakes, as most people do, but said that this was the best one yet. (And she loved the caramel coffee one too). I gave it a try and I must say I agree with her. Then again, I prefer fruity shakes so maybe I’m bias. It has a great peachy flavor and bits of peach throughout the shake. I’d definitely recommend it if you aren’t watching calories/fat like me lol.

  3. For shakes you gotta go get the real deal….grab one from Johnny Rockets but it you can find a local place that is making them hand made that be even better. I can’t believe the shake is gonna set you back close to 1000 calories!!!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    @ Bear … Yeah if we take fast food shakes out of the equation, the Rocky Road Shake from Cheeburger Cheeburger is awesome. Johnny Rockets is strong too. Any of those “diner” type places usually know what they’re doing.

  5. Jason says:

    @Justin, if you have Culvers in your area, their shakes are fantastic, I love the butterscotch, or hot fudge, however they are all great.

  6. Justin says:

    Thanks for the great recommendations guys. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a Johnny Rockets or Cheeburger Cheeburger in Colorado Springs. If I make my way up to Denver these are both on my list.

    Arby’s, Culvers and Taco Bell all sound great. My friend suggested Carl’s Jr. but I’ve heard mixed things.

    I’d completely forgotten about McFlurries. My local McD’s has a Butterfinger Mcflurry that’s fantastic!

  7. ChrisSh says:

    What I want to know is how a 14 oz. could be 720 calories and a 20 oz. only 850 calories? Shouldn’t the 20 oz. be like 1030 calories? Or are they not filling them close to the top on the 20 oz. ones?

  8. Ryan says:

    @ ChrisSh … Good question. Maybe it has something to do with the whipped cream topping? I’m puzzled.

  9. Raiders757 says:

    Even though they don’t consider themselves fast food, I do. Steak and Shake has some damn good shakes, and I would have to rank them near the top of the fast food shake chart.

    Ya’ know? I love my Chic-Fil-A, but out of all the time I’ve been eating there(since a young buck when they were only in malls, late 70’s and 80’s), I’ve never had one of their shakes. Not sure why back then, but these days I’ll admit to being cheap. When I pay $7.00 for a fast food meal, I feel I have already given too much to the cause. Not a fan of Peach either.

  10. Ryan says:

    Loved it. Great Summer shake. A place based out of Georgia should incorporate a peach dessert somewhere and this is it. I’ve had CFA chocolate, Cookies/Cream, LTO Coffee Caramel and now Peach shake…all great. I should try the Strawberry sometime…there’s also Vanilla but that’s a little too plain for me.

  11. bailey says:

    RUBY’S- HOLY HECK PEOPLE. I don’t know if Ruby’s Diner is found outside California, but there’s one on the Oceanside Pier who’s shakes are worth killing for. They’re huge, and the calories are a bit more acceptable, usually 500-700, sometimes (if you get something the devil would have- such as the triple chocolate or whatever it’s called), they’ll go up to 900. Worth it though- just go and swim it off.

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