Food News: New! Parmesan Chicken Sandwich from Carl’s Jr.

With the burger wars going on, it’s about time a new chicken sandwich is released.  Carl’s Jr. has come out with the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich and it’s priced at $3.99.  This latest creation includes a crispy chicken filet topped with melted cheese and marinara sandwiched between a sesame seed bun.  The Parmesan Chicken Sandwich clocks in at 570 calories and 20 grams of fat.

Wanna try it?  Get your $1.00 off coupon here.

Parmesan Chicken Sandwich from Carl's Jr.

…and here is something that Carl’s always does pretty well with…advertising.  What a glorious promo picture above and a solid commercial below.  Enjoy.

12 comments on “Food News: New! Parmesan Chicken Sandwich from Carl’s Jr.

  1. Yum Yucky says:

    Not fair. None around my way.

    “…but Josie, life is not fair….”


  2. Awesome commercial. That looks fantastic. Will be interested to see how it looks in actuality.

  3. Adam says:

    Looks good. I’m gonna try to try this within the next week!

  4. That looks soooo good!

  5. brad says:

    As always, more delicious items from Carl’s Jr. I can’t eat.

  6. BeanThugLyfe says:

    I hope the marinara isn’t gross like BK’s on their version of the same sandwich. But CJ’s/Hardees is already a step ahead with their superior chicken breast + breading…

  7. SkippyMom says:

    That commercial is hysterical! I love it!

  8. Adam Bomb says:

    Great commercial, potentially good sandwich! I think it will all hinge on the marinara. It will make or break the sandwich. I can’t wait to see what it really looks like!

  9. wibi says:

    Love the commercial. Hardees has my favorite chicken fillet in fast food so this could be really good.

  10. Raiders757 says:

    I friggin’ love Chicken Parm subs and sandwiches!! This better come to Hardee’s as well.

  11. The advertising campaign that would work on me is:

    “It actually looks like the picture when you order it”

    I’d like to see the real sandwich—a soggy mess of chicken and slimy bread.

  12. DeronWilliams says:

    The Chicken parm is sooooooo effing good. I eat it 2 hours before every
    Home game and it gives me the energy I need.

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