Food News: New Jack in the Box Re-Image Campaign

Jack in the Box is currently undergoing a brand re-invention.  

Among the updates to expect:

  • New Logo– What do you think? (Original Left, New Logo Right)

Jack in the Box (Original Logo Left, New Logo Right)                                                                                                                          

  • New Web Site– New will launch on Monday March 16th.
  • Menu Innovation-Jack in the Box will launch some new menu items with the introduction of Mini Sirloin Burgers, which feature a trio of all-sirloin patties topped with American cheese, grilled onions and ketchup served on bakery-style buns.  Apparently the buns will be similar to Hawaiian rolls.  The Mini Burgers at Dave and Busters (called “Bar Burgers”) use sweet Hawaiian rolls.  Great choice in my opinion.
  • Social Networking– Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and
  • Restaurant Re-Image– Complete redesign of the dining room, common areas and exterior.  To create a warmer and more inviting dining experience.

**Now if only the East Coasters could get some more locations.  Let’s bring Jack to the Maryland/Virginia/DC area.  

4 comments on “Food News: New Jack in the Box Re-Image Campaign

  1. drpep says:

    About time they changed the logo, the old one looked too 70’s.

  2. Alex says:

    I’m in Arizona and those mini sirloin burgers sound amazing, great post!

  3. Ross says:

    Too me it looks like the Bob’s Big Boy sign. I wonder if JIB is evolving into a sit down type of place like BBB or McD’s.

  4. orb205 says:

    I like the old logo, it’s more of a logo than a weird graphic design experiment. I also like that all the words are in the same area (I get that ‘Jack’ is in the box but still).

    I guess this is the company trying to be more urban or something? At least it seems that way with the small reference to street art and digital looking text. Or I’m looking into it too much? I think they could do better.

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