Food News: NEW! Fajita Flatbread Melts from Arby’s

Once again, Arby’s is stepping out of their box and offering something new.  Their NEW! Fajita Flatbread Melts.


Bold Southwestern flavor as only Arby’s can do it.  Choose from our signature freshly sliced, oven roasted beef or chicken, then pile on melted pepper jack cheese, grilled peppers and onions, fajita seasoning, and red jalapeno sauce and wrap it all in a warm pita style flatbread. Olé!

These are only available for a limited time at participating locations so be sure to check out your local Arby’s to try one today.

REMINDER: Wednesdays are freebie days at Arby’s.  Get your free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase today, Wednesday, June 3rd.

14 comments on “Food News: NEW! Fajita Flatbread Melts from Arby’s

  1. Man…it’s really weird seeing what all these chains are trying to do to “beat the recession”. Subway with breakfast and pizza? McDonalds with coffee and tea? Pizza Hut with pasta bowls? Arby’s with flatbread melts and the roastburgers…..everyone with “sliders”…including El Pollo Loco….WTF?

    I think they should all stick to what they do best….here here to In-N-Out!!!

  2. Ryan says:

    I’m still bitter that I didn’t get In-N-Out when I was out there last week.

  3. John says:

    That just doesn’t look good.

  4. @ Marvo…”cold cut taco.” Ha!

    I wonder what the price is? They remind me of those Sammies or whatever at Quizno’s. Bewtween milkshakes and the Roastburger(not bad) I give props to Arby’s for keeping the menu fresh.

  5. Justin says:

    After the Roastburger, this is the second-worst idea to come from Arby’s this year.

  6. Raiders757 says:

    “Bold Southwestern flavor as only Arby’s can do it”

    …and how is that I wonder? Really bad? I’ve never associated Arby’s with southwestern flavor in my entire life.

    I’m with Bear on this one. Stick to what you do best. Sure, it keeps the menu fresh, but in the end, it just screws up the kitchen.

  7. Adam Bomb says:

    Eeeeew, there’s no way Arby’s is griling those onions and peppers in the store. That means they come frozen and precooked probably. I think I’ll pass unless they get a good review from someone I trust.

    And ROFL @ “cold cut taco!”

  8. Heather says:

    @ Justin-I have to disagree. It’s the third worst idea. Doing away with the Pecan Chicken Salad Market Fresh Sandwich was the first.

  9. Colin says:

    I had one a few days ago. The Chicken Fajita Flatbread? Not so good.

  10. Francois says:

    Actually, they tried this about two years ago. But that doesn’t change the fact that Arby’s shouldn’t be doing this.

  11. Justin says:

    Tropical Smoothie, if you have one in your area, sells a pretty good chicken salad sandwich.

  12. B.Manning says:

    I am in the minority I guess…

    I decided to “bite the bullet” and get one. I got the roast beef and it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten at Arby’s!

    I will admit to cheating though..I am not a fan of the spice, so I had them make it like their previous melts which was roast beef, onions/peppers and american cheese.

    If the peppers and onions weren’t grilled on site, then their supplier has something up the old frozen sleeve…they tasted like they were fresh off the grill and the cheese melted in with everything making a ooey gooey lovliness. The flatbread was thick and warm and soft.

    WOW, I was much impressed with the experience! I will also add that I am not normally one who thinks fast food deserves much applause because it’s usually greasy, old, hard and not worth the .99 heart attack! However, in this case, I will take a $4 heart attack any day!

    • Ryan says:

      @ B.Manning … Good to know there is actually a minority now rather than 100% negative nellies. Duty calls and I might give one of these a shot this weekend. Thanks for leaving your impressions.

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