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Hey out there in the Mile High City,  Chipotle has chosen you to be the guinea pig for their new menu items.  Chipotle is adding new featured items, a kid’s menu and what they call the “Low Roller Menu”.  The purpose of the changes is to simplify ordering as well as offering meals at a lower price point.  Source:


Chipotle is known for their football size burritos, but the ” Low Roller Menu” will include new smaller entrees such as:

  • Soup ($2.99/3.69 with chicken) – 8 oz. cup of vegetarian soup with roasted tomatillos, tomato and hominy; with the option to add naturally raised chicken.
  • Chicken Taco & Soup ($4.65) – One soft or crispy taco made with naturally raised chicken, choice of salsa, sour cream or cheese, and lettuce, served with a cup of Soup.
  • Single Tacos ($2.25) – Crispy corn, soft flour or soft corn tortilla with a choice of naturally raised meat, salsa, sour cream or cheese, and lettuce.
  • Side Salad ($2.95/3.65 with chicken) – Chopped romaine lettuce with salsa and cheese, served with freshly-made chipotle honey-vinaigrette.

Aside from the usual burritos, burrito bowls and tacos, the new menu will include “Featured Items”  which all hover around the $6 mark such as:

  • Chicken Pozole ($5.55) – Roasted tomatillo, tomato and hominy soup served over cilantro-lime rice and topped with naturally raised grilled chicken and cheese.
  • Omnivore ($5.95) – A salad of chopped romaine lettuce with naturally raised chicken, black beans, tomato salsa and cheese. Served with freshly made chipotle-honey vinaigrette.
  • Classic Burrito ($5.95) – Naturally raised grilled chicken served in a flour tortilla with cilantro-lime rice, black beans, roasted chili-corn salsa and sour cream.
  • Carnitavore ($6.35) – A burrito bowl with naturally raised shredded pork, cilantro-lime rice, pinto beans, tomatillo green-chili salsa and cheese.

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For all you parents out there who used to share your burrito with your kid because there is noway they could eat one on there own, Chipotle has finally added a kid’s menu to the lineup.  All items on the kid’s menu come in at less than $4 including a drink  It features:

  • Kid’s Meal – they build it ($3.95) – With this unique twist on a kid’s meal, Chipotle is inviting children to get creative with their food. Kids can choose any three ingredients (one naturally raised meat and then two other ingredients from the line, like salsa and cheese) and two crispy or two soft taco shells, all served on a tray. From there, it’s up to them to construct and enjoy their tacos. This Kid’s Meal also comes with rice and a small order of chips.
  • Single Taco – we build it ($3.50) – This option is especially good for families on the go. Rather than being served on the build-your-own tray, Chipotle’s crew builds single tacos using soft or crispy shells and a choice of any three items from the line. Single Tacos also come with an order of small chips.
  • Small Cheese Quesadilla ($2.95)/Small Meat & Cheese Quesadilla ($3.50) – This classic kid favorite is served with a side of rice or beans, and a small order of chips.

Chipotle is definitely one of my favorite grub spots, but I’m not sure how I feel about the changes to the menu.  I always thought the simplicity was one of its strengths.  The Chipotle’s around where I live are always packed and the limited number of choices kept the lines moving.  I think it also helps with the quality of the food.  They stick to a limited number of options and they do them well.  Let’s hope the quality of the food doesn’t suffer as the number of choices goes up.  We are counting on you, Denver, to let us know.

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