Food News: National Beverage Day, Wednesday May 6th, Free Arby’s FruiTea

National Beverage Day, never heard of it, anyways lets put it to good use and get some free stuff.  Arby’s will be giving away free FruiTea tomorrow May the 6th.  All you have to do to receive a free drink is walk in to a participating Arby’s and say “I’m parched, FruiTea me.”  The beverages come in 4 fruity flavors, Passion Fruit, Mandarin Peach,  Diet Peach and Diet Blackberry.


So in celebration of National Beverage Day, head to you closest Arby’s and have yourself a refreshing glass of Iced Tea on them!

7 comments on “Food News: National Beverage Day, Wednesday May 6th, Free Arby’s FruiTea

  1. Adam says:

    What if the people in your local Arby’s don’t understand English?


  2. bj says:

    Thinking about it, National Beverage Day makes complete sense being on May 6th. Everyone should be sufficiently dehydrated from margaritas and tequila shots, though I don’t know if FruiTea will be my recovery option of choice. Mostly because I hate the name FruiTea.

  3. Shan says:

    I wish, instead of bringing in all these flavored teas, they would concentrate on making just plain old *good* iced tea.

  4. Ryan says:

    I picked up my free FruiTea today…Diet Blackberry…pretty good…I’d get it again.

  5. I really like Arby’s lately. I just finished a review on a swirl shake and it was tasty. Not a big fan of fruit teas, so I passed this one. Lol Adam on your comment.

  6. Adam says:

    Had the same and agree. Not artificial tasting at all, and very blackberry-ey. I did feel like a bozo with the damn password however, but whatever, it was free. I see Arby’s is doing some kind of free giveaway every week this summer. I think I’m gonna be spending some time there from now on!

    • Ryan says:

      @ Adam… Hahaha…I disrespected the password(s) and just said “The FruiTea is free right?”

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