Food News: Midnight Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen

Today is the beginning of a new month and that means it’s time for a new Dairy Queen Blizzard.  The newest edition of Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month has been unveiled.  Last month “DQ” released the Mint Oreo Blizzard,  April’s treat is the Midnight Truffle Blizzard.  This latest “blizzard of the month” sounds like a chocolate lovers dream.   It combines rich chocolate truffles and chunks of cocoa fudge with silky vanilla soft serve ice cream.  You cannot go wrong with the chocolate and vanilla combination.


I usually like to keep my ice cream simple, plain chocolate or vanilla with some crushed oreos, but there are some who love really rich, decadent desserts.  If you are one of those people this sounds like the blizzard for you.

Update – Click here to check out Ryan’s First Impressions of the Midnight Truffle Blizzard

15 comments on “Food News: Midnight Truffle Blizzard from Dairy Queen

  1. This one looks good. I might have to branch out from Oreo’s this month. Thanks for reporting!

  2. Elv says:

    Hey, I’ve been here since the downfall of FFC and I finally decided to comment. Great job!

  3. WOW! Sounds amazing but what are the nutritional facts for the bad boy?

    Wait….did some research:
    1440 Calories – 600 from fat
    33 grams of saturated fat (165% of RDV)
    67 grams of fat
    189 grams of carbs
    165 grams of sugar

    WTF?!? How do they get away with serving things like this?

  4. Lex says:

    Those nutritional facts are crazy! Holy cow!

  5. Dan says:

    I like the blizzard update. Keep those coming. My rule of thumb works like this – If I see a DQ, I stop.

    Ever sense Warren Buffet got involved the marketing and new products have been great.

  6. Alex says:

    Sounds amazing, I’m a big chocolate guy so it is definitely up my alley. Although 1400 calories is a bit much, I’d have to run up there and back just to marginalize that bad boy.

  7. drpep says:

    This looks good, I doubt I’ll be near a DQ in april though.

  8. Chaz says:

    @ Bear

    Is that for a normal sized Blizzard? I don’t even know if they come in different sizes.

  9. arctan(2x) says:


    As a rule of thumb: Nutritional facts given out by the fast food chain are for the smallest size, while facts given by people against the chain are for the largest size.

    And yes, it does come in small, medium, and large.

  10. rob says:

    from dq’s website, 960 cal for a large, 840 for a med and 770 for a small, pretty crazy!

    BUT these things are absolutly amazing

  11. Ted says:

    I ordered one of these today as a small…

    I started eating and about 1/3rd cup of the way done I started getting a pain in my side – literally. I just…couldn’t finish it. It’s SOOOOO RICH and full of sugar and fat…it’s unbelievably delicious (and nutritionally amazingly unhealthy lol)…

    Mine had chocolate ice cream in it…sooo good…and the chewy truffles (like 3-4 mini truffles in every bite *drool*)

    I love chocolate, and it tastes AWESOME — but it was WAAAY too much for me personally.

  12. David says:

    I had one last night and it is like heaven in a cup. The truffles are coated in dark chocolate I think but it’s amazing

  13. As a confirmed chocoholic, I have to say it is wonderful. I just sneaked some of my daughter’s since, I have a weight goal in front of me. Couldn’t even TELL it was softserve. They were right about mini truffles in every bite. Whoo hoo!!!

  14. David B Molnar says:

    I work at Dairy Queen and make it my own way (heavy on the truffles and cocoa fudge) and get 1/2 off! Yet I eat larges in about 10 sittings and I run a lot to work off the 23439483 grams of fat. Work hard, play hard, eat hard! That’s my philosophy!

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