Food News: Mexican Flag Controversial Burger King Commercial

Over the past couple months there have been a couple of commercials that may or may not have gone to far.   First we had the Quiznos Toasty Torpedo commercial and its sexual innuendo.  Then we had the Carl’s Jr commercial which blatently used sex to push its newest burger.  Now we have Burger King’s commercial for the Texican Whopper.  The commercial which is currently running in Europe, features a tiny wrestler with a cape that resembles the Mexican flag.  The small grappler teams up with a much taller cowboy to clean windows and open a jar.   This one has caused such an uproar that it’s on MSN’s radar.  Does this commercial insult the Mexican community?  Let us know your opinion.

18 comments on “Food News: Mexican Flag Controversial Burger King Commercial

  1. Ryan says:

    What about the little person community? Jack in the Box and BK have recently used “little people” to advertise their mini burgers….and the Boston Market commercial used a short dude to try to take down full sized person in one of theirs. I guess it could be seen as exploitation but on the other hand, they are paid actors.

  2. orb205 says:

    The other commercials are just plain annoying, this one is a little funny and has just as much stereotyping on an American as a Mexican (in my view). I think the people who are offended want to be offended. It gives them something to do.

  3. Ryan says:

    @ orb205

    Yeah I agree. American stereotype too. It’s all in jest. The Simpsons have made billions poking fun at such stereotypes as Apu from the Kwik-E Mart, the Elderly, Scottish people, Christians (The Flanders), Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel…I could go on and on….

    I guess I’m not easily offended.

  4. In my opinion (which means nothing)….people are WAY to sensitive to this stuff. Big deal….how many worse things are there out there…Family Guy, South Park, SNL, the entire internets, Wikipedia, I jest, but that’s not even beginning with things that really matter like environmentalism, poverty, etc. If only these people put their time & energy towards things that really mattered (as I type a comment on a fast food blog :P).

  5. I’m so tired of everyone getting their panties in a wad over advertising. Every commercial aired on Television offends someone, somewhere. It is meant to be entertaining and in jest. Everybody needs to calm down and embrace their inner stereotype.
    Look, I’ll even start: Hi my name is Jamie and I have giant boobs so I’m probably dumb!

    See how easy that was?

  6. Ryan says:

    GrubGrade matters Bear. Where else will you see me travel the world (in a 25 mile radius) in search of a sandwich? I agree with you though, people just can’t wait to pounce on a potentially sensitive topic and make a big deal about it. Then media outlets, even this website, begin a dialogue into the obsurdity of it all. That being said, I’m charitable and care about real issues but of course my energy isn’t always in that direction. Now where did I put those bunny ears?

  7. rob says:

    If people are talking about it then it’s probably a good commercial.

  8. @Rob….great point…I’ve always thought that was true. Even bad press is good press.

    @Ryan, I didn’t mean to say GrubGrade doesn’t matter….it’s awesome!!! ….you got my point though 🙂

  9. Raiders757 says:

    @ Bear

    The only thing offensive about SNL, is that it hasn’t been funny in over ten of fifteen years.

    @ Jamie

    I agree. I grasped my inner stereotype long ago. The thing is, what offends me about Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. commercials, is that I feel like I lose IQ points every time I see one. I can even here them being sucked away. Kind of like when I am forced to watch a pile of trash like Dancing With the Stars. You just feel yourself being dumbed down the longer it stays on.

  10. Raiders757 says:

    Ooops. I meant “ten or fifteen years”. Not “ten of”.

  11. James says:

    What are you talking about Ryan, you have mad hops.

  12. @Raiders757 – “@ Bear: The only thing offensive about SNL, is that it hasn’t been funny in over ten of fifteen years.”

    Hahahahah, too funny.

    P.S. Are you in the Bay Area? (Raiders) I am too, I’ve got a pizza shop in Santa Clara. I love the Raiders…I also love Jeff Garcia let’s hope he starts (but I like JaMarcus too)

  13. Evan says:

    I’m not offended that the American is protrayed as a lankey, weak cowboy who can’t open a pickle jar.

    What I want to know is what is that second patty on top of the burger? It looks like a crab cake or something.

  14. @ Ryan, I’m sorry you can’t jump….that’s really sad.

    @ Raiders, that fucking Padma commercial is getting on my nerves. Every time she says “It reminds me being in high school and sneaking out before dinner to savour that sweet sauce.”
    I am reminded of the fact that there was no western bacon burger sauce nonsense in the 80’s, so she’s either talking about booze or mansauce.
    Either way I’d like her to stop talking period.

  15. Adam Bomb says:

    All stereotype conversation aside…what exactly is in this burger? I’m a sucker for the gimmick Whoppers, and I’ve yet to see this one at my local BK. I enjoyed the Angry Whopper (with extra jalapenos!), and the Indy Whopper they had back when the last Indiana Jones movie came out. I’m ready for a new gimmick burger 🙂

  16. Dude! says:

    I’m Mexican and I must say that I am extremely…not offended. I thought it was a pretty cool commercial. But yeah, what’s that thing on top of the patty?

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