Food News: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish $1.19 Starts Friday

Starting Friday March 20th, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich will be on sale for $1.19.  It’s about time consumers get a price break on this ever-shrinking fish sandwich.  Too bad it’s only this special price for a limited time and only at select participating locations.  Currently TV spots are running in the Washington DC Metro area for this deal.  I’m sure, depending on your area, there might be different specials going on.  With a few more weeks of Lent left, McD’s has sprung out a decent deal.  In my personal opinion, $1.19 should be the standard price.  Fish Fridays continue tomorrow so stay tuned for a new review.

Filet-O-Fish from McDonald's

4 comments on “Food News: McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish $1.19 Starts Friday

  1. Cassaendra says:

    🙁 I hope they don’t run those here. They’ve been 2/$1.00 here for quite some time – at least >1 mo. I actually walked in to a McD and bought them (not a fan at all of McD) because I was going in to get a Shamrock shake.

  2. Kaley says:

    That commercial is soooo freakin funny! (alliteration)! freakin’ funny!

  3. Kaley says:

    That commercial is soo funny! Thier only $0.99
    where my MickeyD’s is! Its so funny!

  4. catmanbill says:

    love the fish would like to see it stay at $1.19

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