Food News: Long John Silver’s Dollar Stretcher Menu

I love competition in the food industry.  I love that Carls Jr. and Hardee’s came out with The Big Carl ($2.49) and The Big Hardee ($2.29) to compete with the McDonald’s Big Mac.  I’m still waiting for McD’s to lower Big Mac prices in response.  This type of competition is great for the consumer.  Lower prices, more grub…everyone fighting for your hard earned cash.  Yesterday I posted the question, “Which restaurant reigns supreme for their value menu?”  The consumer is winning in the value menu department too with places competing to advertise great deals for the bargain hunter.  KFC recently came out with their Ultimate Value Menu and now we have Long John Silver’s introducing their “Dollar Stretcher Menu”.  12 items for under $2.00 each.

Long John Silver's Dollar Stretcher Menu

  • 99¢ items: Jr. Fish Sandwich, Baja Fish Taco, Small Golden Fries, Six Hushpuppies
  • $1.59 items:  Double Jr. Fish Sandwich, Four Battered Shrimp, Slice of Pie, Zesty Chicken Sandwich
  • $1.99 items:  Three Shrimp and Fries, Two Jr. Fish and Fries, Popcorn Shrimp, Chicken and Fries

11 comments on “Food News: Long John Silver’s Dollar Stretcher Menu

  1. Adam Bomb says:

    I want 6 hush puppies for 99 cents. Looks like a decent effort from LJS.

  2. Raiders757 says:

    At my local LJS, you get a dozen hush puppies for $1. Now we’re only going to get six for the same price? I’m not sure if I like this menu. My wife loves the puppies, and we always get extras when we order one of the family meals.

  3. Pasquinel says:

    My local LJS sells a dozen hush puppies for $1.29. Six for $.99 seems like a rip-off.

  4. SkippyMom says:

    That menu is impressive. I don’t know what our local LJS charges, but there is a lot on that menu I would love to buy.

    Jr Fish w/6 hushpuppies? I am all over that – for 2 bucks. Woohoo.

  5. Colin says:

    My record is 26 Hushpuppies. Huzzah!

  6. ChrisSh says:

    That menu is pretty impressive. Do you know if they will have it at A&W/Long John Silver’s locations? That is what we have here and according to a friend, hush puppies are 3 for 99 cents, so I’m skeptical about the new menu being implemented.

  7. Donkey says:

    Is it me or is LJS just too salty? I went to a KFC/LJS and I gotta say that all the LJS stuff was disappointing (fish, chicken, shrimp, fries)… only thing good was the puppies. And this is coming from a donkey who will eat ANYTHING (frozen BK doublecheeseburgers microwaved 3 days later, anyone?)…

  8. Stefan says:

    LJS wasn’t available in my area (York, PA) for sometime. Then about a year ago, they put one in with the local KFC and ever since their Fish Tacho, I’ve been a fan. Good stuff now semi-cheaper. Yummo!

  9. maxchain says:

    Shrimp, eh? I can’t trust the promo image to tell me whether they’re WIMPY WIMPY WIMPY, but I think I might at least take a gamble on the three + fries!

  10. Jessica J. says:

    I actually went to my local Long John Silver’s restaurant just because of this new promotion! I have always avoided the place because I think they have really high prices for the quality of food you receive. Plus, that very familiar smell/taste that is on everything they cook disturbs my digestion and makes me burp that exact thing for hours. Sorry for the graphic detail, but I have talked to many people who say the exact same thing.
    The only time I go to LJS is when they are having a really, really good sale, usually involving the Ultimate Fish Sandwich with banana peppers (do they still have this?).
    On my recent visit, I was practically broke, so I didn’t try everything I wanted to, but I bought a 99 cent jr. fish sandwich, a baja taco, and hushpuppies. I found the fish sandwich to be very small with dry bread, so I ate the fish by itself and felt ripped off to pay that much for one tiny piece of fish. The baja fish taco was really good, and I wished I’d ordered two! The hushpuppies were virtually tasteless, but they were made better by dipping them in tarter sauce. Overall, I think the value menu is okay, but I would have been more impressed if all items were $1.50 or less.

  11. cress says:

    Captain Ds’ is a 100 times better than LJS.

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