Food News: Kim Kardashian To Promote Carl’s Jr. New Premium Salads

Carl’s Jr. isn’t shy about using sex to advertise their products.  Paris Hilton, Padma Lakshmi and Audrina Patridge have appeared in past commercials for big Carl’s Jr. burgers.  Now it’s Kim Kardashian, but no burger.  This time around the promotion is centered around a line of Premium Salads.  Stay tuned.


Kim Kardashian Carl's Jr.

pic credit: Doria Anselmo

8 comments on “Food News: Kim Kardashian To Promote Carl’s Jr. New Premium Salads

  1. I dont know what the news is cause her RACK IS ALL OUT.

  2. drpep says:

    Why do Carls/Hardees insist on using these worthless publicity whores to sell their burgers? If
    I had a Hardeess or Carls near me I’d be staying away for the length of the promotion

  3. ratbuddy says:

    Same here, drpep. I’m so fed up with people being famous for being famous.

  4. Nelly N says:

    Is that a tuna salad she is holding? I am getting the distinct scent of tuna.

  5. Adam Bomb says:


    And I agree with ratbuddy and drpep. What exactly has she done that makes her famous?

  6. Crusader says:

    Kim Kardashian is a professional celebrity I think.

  7. josephb-rad says:

    I think all you who bashed on kim, are frankly jealous that she has mad a great career for herself. for a women that is not the easiest thing to do, so INSTEAD of hating on her, respect her abilities to succeed and make money like all of us want/need!

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