Food News: Free Root Beer Float at Sonic June 3rd

The calendars now show that its June, that means summer is almost officially here.  Sonic is kicking off summer a little early by giving away a classic summer treat.  On Wednesday June 3rd, Sonic will be giving away free root beer floats from 8 pm until midnight at all participating locations.


Sonic plans to giveaway 3.5 million floats during the giveaway.  The event is to show the chain’s appreciation of its customers.  So be sure to stop in and get your free frosty treat.

2 comments on “Food News: Free Root Beer Float at Sonic June 3rd

  1. Adam says:

    How ironic is it that a blog with several writers from MD is posting this…Man we gotta get one of those deals here

  2. 10 oz! WTF?!? That’s like a Root Beer Raft….or Inner Tube…that’s teeny.

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