Food News: Free Light Smoothie Day at Orange Julius on June 19th

Orange Julius is offering a  Free 20 oz Light Smoothie on June 19th. Download the coupon for your free smoothie at  Orange Julius .


8 comments on “Food News: Free Light Smoothie Day at Orange Julius on June 19th

  1. Bear Silber says:

    Dude! That rocks! I SO did not know they had a “light” smoothie. Wonder how they are? Has anyone tried them? I also wonder my I’m slightly talking like a valley girl.

  2. Heather says:

    @Bear-I’m going to try to go there tomorrow. The Berry-Pom Twilight is calling my name. (Of course the other two sound good as well) I’ll let you know how it is if I make it there.

  3. Adam says:

    I’ve never heard of this place. The name Julius can be so ambiguous to me. Part of my sterotyped obsessed mind wants to go ancient rome and the other part wants to go NBA. But smoothie?

    • Ryan says:

      @ Adam … There seems to be an Orange Juilius at every shopping mall. I’ll admit grabbing a hotdog from OJ a couple times before.

  4. Justin says:

    Are they trying to counter Tropical Smoothie Cafe? They’re giving away 500 free Jetty Punches on the 19th too.

  5. ChrisSh says:

    I was going to say, how can you never have heard of Orange Julius, they’re everywhere?! But then I read on the coupon that they are based in Minneapolis (where I live), so that may explain why I see so many of them. Either way, like Heather, I’m going for the Berry-Pom Twilight…

  6. ChrisSh says:

    And it turns out there’s one 3 blocks from me that I didn’t even know about. Now I can walk there and burn off some of those 250 calories…

  7. ChrisSh says:

    Okay, I picked one up awhile ago. Like I said, I went with the Berry-Pom Twilight. Here’s my mini-review:

    Taste/Quality: Pretty good. There was definitely good berry flavor there, but it seemed to be almost watered down. There just wasn’t that rich mouthfeel that I expect from a good smoothie. But, like I said, there was a good flavor. For a light smoothie, about what I would expect.

    Filling?: Absolutely! I didn’t eat breakfast (as usual) and decided I would be bold and just have this for lunch. Which is pretty bold, because 250 calories is not a big lunch. Well, about twenty minutes into the thing, I started getting full and figured I had less than 1/4 left. Wrong. I still had over half of the thing to go! I finished it, and I must say, I’m still full. I think it’s going to last until dinner time too. Pretty impressive.

    Cost: It would have been something like $4.70 I think without the free coupon. Realistically, I’m probably never going to get one of these again. $5 for a smoothie (especially one with such a small amount of energy in it) doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. However, it did fill me up, and $5 isn’t a lot fof a lunch out… so I suppose if I was out and wanted a low-calorie, filling lunch, I would consider one of these, despite the price tag.

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