Food News: Free Chocolate Fridays

Mars aims to spread joy across America through chocolate.  


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Americans could use some relief and are looking for reasons to smile. To help, Mars Snackfood US announced today the creation of the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act™, a nationwide effort to bring sweet smiles to millions of Americans via free, full-sized samples of Mars real chocolate, product discounts and coupons along with the proclamation of Free Chocolate Fridays™. Now through September, Mars will give away as many as seven million full-size packages of its M&M’S®, SNICKERS®, MILKY WAY®, TWIX®, DOVE®, and 3 MUSKETEERS® brand chocolate in the United States.

As part of the campaign, every week through the end of September, Mars will give away a quarter-of-a- million full-size packages of real chocolate on Free Chocolate Fridays. Americans can claim one of 250,000 full-value coupons each Friday beginning on May 8 at 9 a.m. EST by visiting Coupons, which will be mailed to consumers, will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis and are redeemable for any full-size Mars real chocolate product. The coupons will be limited to one per person, per week.

“Brands like M&M’S, SNICKERS, DOVE Chocolate, TWIX, Milky Way and 3 MUSKETEERS are loved by Americans,” said Michele Kessler, vice president, Mars Snackfood US. “That’s why we’ve created the Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act. It’s our way of giving Americans a small treat during challenging times.”

9 comments on “Food News: Free Chocolate Fridays

  1. WOW. I wonder how I didn’t hear about this earlier. Where’d you get the intel from? This is an awesome giveaway…although I hate printing coupons and having to remember to bring them with me to the super market 😛

  2. Francois says:

    Cool. But.. as much as I love free things, I’d rather just pay the $1.50 than have to give them my home address and then wait 6 weeks for the coupon.

  3. @Francois – Yep..that’s exactly how I feel.

  4. Justin says:

    Thanks for the link. Free chocolate is hard to say no to.

  5. Adam says:

    If it’s free, it’s for me.

    Quote me on that one, please.

    I hope this forces Hershey into similar action. I like their chocolate better.

  6. drpep says:

    Mars Snackfood had a full page ad in lasr weeks USA Today with a coupon for a free bar and info on how to participate in th eabove promotion.

  7. Raiders757 says:

    I got one of those five pound bags of peanut M&M’s this past Christmas. After finishing it, I have yet been able to look one in the face again.

  8. Marianne says:

    mmmmm … Twix … thanks for the heads up!

  9. I heard about that promotion. Thanks for reminding me.

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