Food News: Free Chipotle BOO-RITO on Halloween

This Saturday is Halloween…Are you out of ideas as to what to wear?  How about wrapping yourself up in aluminum foil?  Well that’s just one way you can sort of make it look like you’re dressed up as a Chipotle burrito.  From 6pm to close this Saturday, October 31st, come to Chipotle dressed up as your favorite burrito, bowl, salad or tacos and score yourself some free grub. A free burrito.  Take that Taco Bell!  Chipotle calls it BOO-RITO.  Will you be participating?

Free Chipotle BOO-RITO

6 comments on “Food News: Free Chipotle BOO-RITO on Halloween

  1. […] knew about the FREE Black Jack tacos at Taco Bell on Halloween eve, but now thanks to a posting on Grub Grade, we have word that Chipotle will be offering free “Boo-ritos” to customers that come in […]

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never eaten at Chipotle. But after seeing the South Park episode with Chipotl-away, I don’t think I want to.

  3. The Bear says:

    Been doing it every year since Chipotle came to Minneapolis. It’s a blast, and the food is awesome!

  4. Dan B. says:

    Oh how I wish I lived closer than over an hour from a Chipotle. Their food is absolutely fantastic, but I only get to eat it a couple times a year usually. Unfortunately, their only Kentucky locations are in the eastern part of the state. Nothing near Louisville.

  5. […] Post Photo Credit: iMommies Feature Photo Credit: GrubGrade […]

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