Food News: Dunkin’ Donuts New! Wake-Up Wrap

Enticing customers with an inexpensive grab and go breakfast, Dunkin’ Donuts introduces the 99¢ Wake-Up Wrap.  It’s an Egg and Cheese Wrap aimed towards the penny pinchers.  The new Wake-Up wrap is on the DD Smart Menu and will set you back 170 calories and 10 grams of fat.  The tiny 7 grams of protein proves that it won’t be very filling but for 99¢ I’m not really expecting it to hold me over all morning.  


Iced Coffee Not Included

Looking for a little protein with your wrap, also available with bacon for a little extra.

11 comments on “Food News: Dunkin’ Donuts New! Wake-Up Wrap

  1. Ewww….looks like grease wrapped in dough….not a fan

  2. Adam says:

    If this is anything like their egg white flatbreads I will be skipping…

    • Ryan says:

      I’m not a huge fan of the egg white flatbreads but I’ll admit, I get one probably every other week. If it wasn’t for being kinda healthy and filling (and I drive passed a DD everyday on my way to work) I probably wouldn’t ever get them. It’s tough to find cheap alternatives with protein that aren’t overloaded with butter, bacon and cheese for breakfast. If these new Wake-Up Wraps are anything like those little cinammon twist things…(not much bigger than the size of my thumb), I probably won’t be a repeat customer. Although GG makes me try a lot of things at least once.

  3. I just bought one of these this morning. It was not bad but not great. Personally I would have felt alot better with a $0.79 price point for what it was. Very small. Still…the taste was good, the bacon was crisp and next time I may opt to getting 2.

    • Ryan says:

      @ Thanks for the info Greg. I think John will be checking this out soon. I’m curious…How much was it with the added bacon?

  4. Jean says:

    I bought one of these this morning. It’s perfect for someone that is dieting. It’s a little tasty treat under 200 calories. Just eat it slow, it will seem bigger! And don’t add the bacon, that’s not very healthy!

  5. john says:

    @Greg I totally agree! I was telling my wife last night that I thought the egg/cheese should have been 79cents and the one with bacon @99cents. Sure it’s just a matter of a few cents, but it makes a difference!
    I actually bought 2 this morning. Much better than just having one which I did last night and found it to just not be enough.
    Review on it coming soon!

  6. Renee says:

    I had one of these this AM. I thought it was very good. I had it without cheese, but with the bacon. It was crispy and had a nice flavor. I’m on a diet as well, so the lower calories was appealing to me. And the price was definitely right! I hope DD keeps these. I’ve been getting the egg white flatbread sandwiches without cheese, but now i have another alternative.

  7. Kali says:

    Simply love it. Although not to filling, it is still an extremely good tasting wrap. But hey with a medium D&D coffee you are sure to get a good breakfast fix. Who would’ve guessed that at less than a $1.50 you would get more bacon on such a low calorie wrap, than McDonald’s uses on their higher calorie bacon and egg sandwhiches, which are close to $3.00 if not more. Go figure!

  8. Kim says:

    I found these to be a good choice if you follow a lower carb diet. They are very tasty indeed.

  9. cindy says:

    I was actually very sketchy about trying these wraps..i mean its still DD and im in no way a fan of their breakfast menu, though i do love their coffee. the cheese and egg wrap is actually pretty good.its very small but the taste is much more than i ever expected.

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